Walk It Out by Konami Review: A Fitness Game for Wii

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I always found the thought of walking in one place in order to burn calories to be rather boring, and I preferred having a destination or to walk on a treadmill with a TV on to keep my mind busy.

Walk It Out makes walking off those calories fun and engaging so that you will not realize the time flying by.

How Does Walk It Out Work?

Walk It Out is a game on the Wii platform that is designed to make walking a fun activity. It motivates users to become physically active while providing them with an inviting and entertaining gameworld. Walk It Out attempts to engage players in activities that take their minds off of the fact that they are exercising. What I find so hard about exercising is the lack of stimulation; more so than the feeling of being tired or challenged. This game addresses exactly that common boredom people have with exercise and engages them in a variety of available mini games, including DDR (DanceDance Revolution).

What Others Are Saying - Does Walk It Out Really Work?

When it comes to exercising, what users find so useful about Walk It Out are the different activities that you can engage yourself in. Lee Mellott, a reviewer, tried similar games, but was unable to find anything that was truly low impact while being engaging and fun until she found Walk It Out. She has found the game really keeps her walking. In fact, one day, while her initial goal was to walk for only 15 minutes, “I ended up walking an hour and ten minutes!”, states in her review.

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

Due to the game’s ability to keep its users engaged and working out without realizing how long they have been exercising, it is a great tool to lose weight. In my own experience, I have found that I do much better on an exercise plan when I am having fun.

Denise Patterson couldn’t agree more that Walk It Out makes it fun and easy to lose weight when she says, that she did a 45 minutes stretch last night to learn the game and get a feel for it. The time flew by and she burned about 275 calories.

Another user lost 5 lbs within a week of using Walk It Out. He describes himself as an “exhausted, overworked, underpaid, non-exerciser” who gained 105lb over the past 5 years. As the scaled tipped to 345 (freakin) pounds (and climbing), he suffered from sleep apnea, embarrassment, and low self esteem. Now, 7 days after buying Walk It Out he has burned 4,740+ calories, walked an incredible 25.1 miles, and got rid of sleep apnea altogether. Moreover, he feels extremely energetic, and thinks about this fitness game as an “unconscious blessing” rather than a boring workout.

Pros and Cons


  • The game is very motivational. You will find yourself walking even if you hate exercise. It engages its users and provides goals and challenges that keep them more focused on the game than the fact they are exercising.

  • It contains multiple mini games that will keep you interested and constantly finding new adventures.
  • Walk It Out allows you to exercise in the comfort of your home and at your own leisure.


  • This game is not ideal for hard core gamers because it is more of an exercise program than an actual game and if you are expecting an intense gaming experience, you will be disappointed.
  • The controls on this game can be difficult to get used to. In some cases, the controllers do not register your movements that well, which can be frustrating.

Problems and Complaints

The biggest complaint about this game resides in how difficult it can be to learn the controls and the fact that some of the input devices perform rather poorly at times. One reviewer says that the game is great but her primary complaint is the frustration she feels when the controllers don’t work. I think she puts it very well when she says that Walk It Out takes your mind away and you forget that you are exercising but when the input devices don't register your steps, it sometimes goes beyond frustrating.

Is Walk It Out Better Than Other Games, Like Wii Fit?

Many reviewers cite Walk It Out’s many mini games and adventures as reasons they feel the game ranks higher than similar games, like Wii Fit or Outdoor Challenge. Once you get past the difficulty of learning how to play the game, you should find that it will take your attention away from the fact that you are exercising and make it that much easier to establish healthy exercise habits.

How Does it Rate Overall?

With the only complaint being technology related, this game received a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon. It is engaging, interactive and will help you burn calories while having fun. Just try not to get too frustrated while you are learning how to use the controls.

Where Can I Buy it and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can buy this game on Amazon. They are offering free shipping and they offer the most competitive prices at the moment. Quite a few people have reviewed this game on Amazon as well, so I would suggest visiting their site to read more reviews.

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