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The Biggest Loser inspired the world to start losing weight. Starting as a reality TV series, the hosts helped multiple contestants with severe weight problems achieve their goals and drop those pounds to live a much better life. The Biggest Loser went past just physical fitness.

The idea was a complete lifestyle change. Even contestants that were voted off the show kept dropping weight because of the mantra that was taught during their visit. That experience is now brought home with The Biggest Loser Challenge for the Nintendo Wii.

How Does The Biggest Loser Challenge Work?

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The Biggest Loser Challenge follows the formula of many other exercise video games for the Wii. An animated avatar in the image of Bob and Jillian coach along, showing me how to do the workouts and various routines. My progress is tracked after each session and logged for later use. The game does this, but in the style of the biggest loser.

 Just like the contestants on the game show, I followed a 30 day program. After creating my user profile, The Biggest Loser Challenge put me through a 30 minute test session to get a better understanding of my fitness level.

After my profile and fitness level were adjusted, a work schedule is set and followed. Workouts everyday will be slightly different changing the core areas of the body, changing routines from resistance to cardio training.

User submitted recipes are also included in the game. The Biggest Loser is about a life style change, not only losing weight. This game includes healthy meal choices. The recipes included are the same recipes that the actual contestants from The Biggest Loser reality series followed to help drop weight. Each of them are healthy choices for meals and snacks. Lifestyle suggestions and changes are also explained throughout the game, helping me adjust myself to keep living a better lifestyle.

What Are others Saying About The Biggest Loser Challenge?

Many weight loss and health minded people enjoy this game. The Biggest Loser Challenge puts the user right in the middle of the Ranch, allowing a sort of escape and fun feel to the game. The idea of meeting the daily goals while being coached by bob and Jillian made the work out effort more enjoyable.

Many users enjoy the challenge. Unlike other games, The Biggest Loser Challenge measures your abilities right from the start, adjusting game play as needed. I didn’t have to jump through hoops just to get a challenge, starting in the easiest modes, allowing me to be able to enjoy the game right from the beginning.

The thirty day program is a nice guide to follow. Users liked having the goals to complete and the challenges to over come. A sort of path was created, giving users something to aim for.

Another aspect of the game is lifestyle change. Recipes and lifestyle changes are recommended to help me from cheating on the diet part of losing weight. Wanda Maier says, “I like that there is a section of recipes...hints on how to keep from "cheating" on diet and exercise.”

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

What I found so wonderful was that I can create my own goal. If I want to drop 10 pounds or 30, the game will adjust the program accordingly. Weight loss isn’t guaranteed, but having a specifically engineered program around my goals with my abilities will go a long way to help. As Jwilson1 explains, “If you stick to the program you can lose weight.”

Side Effects

This isn’t a pill or a diet. It’s a life style change. With that said this program does involve strenuous workouts. By design, The Biggest Loser Challenge ensures that you are constantly straining and pushing your self. I would highly recommend consulting a doctor before starting any exercise program.

Problems And Complaints

The complaints about this game seem to be common among most Wii exercise games. I found that some exercises are very tough to register with the Wii remote. When the exercises aren't registered properly, then either Bob or Jillian will tell you to start working harder. Extra work is also needed to finish the required reps. Laura Nelson says that "the remote can just get in the way sometimes. This just gets frustrating after a while".

A large amount of room is a requirement to. This would seem to be expected while exercising. I found myself bumping into things more then usual though, while playing this game though.

The Wii Balance Board is required for this game. It would have been a hefty investment if I didn’t already own one. I found another user upset by this too. He was excited to start his better life, but because of the cost and weight restrictions of the Wii Balance Board, he was not able to use the game. There isn’t an option to bypass using the balance board while starting the game and creating a personal profile either.

Did You Know?

Bob and Jillian, the personal trainers of the reality show, had a personal hand in creating this game. In fact the game is designed entirely on the program that both of them follow while at the ranch. The Biggest Loser Challenge includes over 150 exercises that range from fast paced cardio, to yoga, and boxing. Each program is designed using the guidance of Bob and Jillian with the multitude of unique exercises to keep the challenge at a maximum.

How Does The Biggest Loser Challenge Rate Overall?

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I would recommend this game for any person trying to obtain a weight loss goal. I found the program to be very good in and of it self. A personalized program meet my individual needs and had me focused to achieve my goals. The product is easy to use and follow. And the added benefit of healthy recipes and lifestyle reminders kept my over all frame of mind positive and goal oriented.

 Where Can I Purchase This Product? currently has The Biggest Loser Challenge available on sale. Doing a quick search for “The Biggest Loser Challenge Wii” takes you to the product page. Buy this product with a 7% discount. Other users have left their opinions to read as well. Read more reviews here.

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