How to Develop Daily Weight Loss Motivation

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The importance of goals cannot be understated when developing daily weight loss motivation. Just like the archer needs to be able to see the bull’s eye of the target in order to take aim, goals define the need for motivation power. In order to harness the power of motivation a target must be identified, be within range and attainable. Having an idea of the amount of weight loss desired, the time frame and the method will provide the initial goals needed to develop motivation. Sighting in on the target and taking aim with the desire to hit target is what develops the power of motivation. Without a target or goals, motivation is impossible.

Power of Commitment-To effectively invoke daily weight loss motivation you must be committed to accomplishing your established goals. Your commitment to be “all in” and do what the program calls for to reach your goal will refresh your motivation on a daily basis. A few minutes each morning should be devoted to reviewing your commitments and let the motivation power percolate. The amount of energy you will be able to harness for the purpose of losing weight will be dependent on your commitment level. Just like the archer who pulls back the bow harnessing its energy and taking aim, so is the power of commitment.

Power of Determination-Every day you take aim and make decisions regarding what direction to release your power. The power of determination at this stage is about making decisions that will effectively release your power in the direction of your target weight loss goals. You can spend you time combating what you don’t want to do or you can aim your efforts and release your power toward what you do want to do. Concentrating on what you don’t want to do is only a waste of your time and energy. Make the decision to embrace your goals, commit to seeing them through and remind your self of this as many times each day as you need to. This will release the power of determination.

Power of Accountability-No matter how skilled you are no one hits the bull’s eye every time. Constant adjustments must be made until the right course is found and bull’s eyes increase. Failing to hit the mark every time is not a sign of failure but a call to make an adjustment. Sometimes the adjustment needs to be up or down or maybe a little to the left or to the right. Holding yourself accountable for the results will allow you to remain flexible while you make proper adjustments. Remember success will eventually emerge if adjustments are made toward target goals.

Power of Responsibility-At the root of responsibility is the word “response”. As aim is taken on a target many things can influence whether the target is hit or not. If you have a setback how you respond will be important. If your response is to shift responsibility to someone or something else then the energy to accomplish your goals may be diminished. Picking up the pieces, learning how your aim got off target and beginning the process over again is the proper response for re-energizing your motivation power. This response will bring you back on course toward your target goals where commitment, determination and accountability can refresh your motivation power daily.

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