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Proper Nutrition Starts Early: Both Mother’s Pregnancy Diet and Baby’s Diet Can Affect Child's Behavior and Intelligence

Instead of the adage “You are what you eat” new research suggests that “You are what you and your Mother ate.”  The need for proper nutrition starts while in the womb.  In a new study, Researchers from the Nutri Menthe project and the University of Granada report that nutrition received while in vitro and during early life can “program” children for long term health, brain development, and mental performance.  They stress that certain nutrients are important to this childhood development process.


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Nutri Menthe Project

The researchers from these findings are part of a long-term longitudinal project called Nutri Menthe.  The Nutri Menthe goal is to gain knowledge as to the role, mechanisms, and the benefits of specific nutrients and food components on the mental performance of children.  It was funded in 2008 and consists of an international forum of scientists from twenty different organizations and 9 world wide countries.

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The Tri-Trick Behind Weight Loss

In the last six weeks I am actually down almost 15 pounds. Yes you heard it right. However, the journey was not without any hiccups. My incidents can either make you feel like you have completely failed or can make you learn a lesson from them, although I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and have moved on. The days seemed to just fly by and the scale has been moving down little by little every day.

Well, everything worked well because of good planning. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was implementing the right plan for me. And this can help me to get a healthy weight and regain my life again. I know many people have miserably failed to stick to their strict diet, however, I am sure that if I can plan it out, and so can you. All it needs is determination and the right guidance.

Plan 1- Do not be afraid to try new foods

Trying New Foods (3/52)

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Aerobic Fitness Boosts Learning and Memory in Children

There is a call from the First Lady to battle childhood obesity.  The growing trend of childhood inactivity is devastating to our children.  With city and state budget cuts, one of the first school programs to be cut is Physical Education.  Lawmakers and education policy makers should be aware there is a growing amount of evidence that demonstrates the importance of physical activity and the learning capabilities of children.  The latest study showed another positive correlation between fitness and memory in children.

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Google’s Top 5 Trending Diets

Diets are popular. Almost 25 million internet users worldwide Google search the word ‘diet.’ It seems like every other week a new diet pops up out of nowhere. What was a hot diet half a year ago has been long forgotten today. In 2012 we’ve, amongst others, seen the Juicing diet, Michael Phelps diet, Beyond diet and the Adriana Lima diet. It is not likely many people will be on one of these diets today.

So what’s the current flavour of the month? Let’s explore which diets have seen the biggest increase in interest compared to last month.    

Number 5: Detox diet. Increase in searches: +130%

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The detox diet is known for its cleansing effects. The foods in this diet are not contaminated by chemicals; they’re purely organic. The diet gets rid of food containing colourings, pesticides, and preservatives. A diet like this involves drinking large amounts of juices, and limiting certain foods, so that all irritants are eliminated from the body. 

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Could Melatonin Supplements Be The New Weapon in Weight Loss?

Scientists trying to understand exactly how the hormone melatonin alleviates the ravages of metabolic conditions such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes have discovered a mechanism that suggests it could be used to rein in weight gain.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland, a pea-like structure found in the center of the brain.

Melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake circadian rythm

It is produced when a person is in darkness; that wave of calm that sweeps in as you sit in the dark is melatonin kicking in, instructing your body to sleep. It exerts a major effect on our circadian rhythm, and for this reason it is given to jetlagged individuals or people suffering from sleep disorders in order to reset their internal clocks or induce sleep respectively.



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Do I Have to Change My Lifestyle After Bariatric Surgery?

No matter what your lifestyle prior to bariatric surgery was like, it is important to recognize that it did not work. Many patients entering a bariatric program are concerned with what they will and will not have to change post-op. The answer is: almost everything AND anything that does not serve your new lease on life. 

What areas of your life should you examine first? The following are common areas requiring improvement for many bariatric patients:

Relationship to yourself

(iii) Day 132 - look at you.

Self-sabotage has no place in your new life. Examine your daily thoughts for signs of negativity and replace those thoughts with positive ideas that you can accept as true. Thoughts that sound pleasing but are not believable to you at this moment will not successfully replace negative thinking, no matter how much you would like them to. The key is to come up with thoughts that you can believe and that are also positive and helpful.

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Functional Foods Improve Obesity Related Health Issues, Study Finds

Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is a collection of common metabolic disturbances that are especially prevalent in obese individuals. These metabolic disturbances include high circulating lipid levels, low HDL or “good cholesterol”, high blood pressure and high fasting plasma glucose levels. It is often incredibly challenging to get one of these issues under control, let alone several of them. Luckily, the men and women of the medical research community are tirelessly looking for new answers to the question that is obesity and they have yet again provided us with some answers.

You may be familiar with products known as functional foods. Basically, a functional food is a normal food product (not a supplement powder or pill) which is able to boost health or prevent certain diseases beyond basic nutritional requirements. A common example of a functional food could be something as simple as an orange juice fortified with folic acid.

A paper, which was published this month, reviewed years of scientific data regarding functional foods and their effects on some of the health issues mentioned above. The paper was published in the journal Reviews of Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders by Muhammad Issa Khan and colleagues.

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How Raspberry Ketone Extract Works for Weight Loss

As people struggle with their desk jobs, as well as unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, obesity has emerged as perhaps the biggest threat, which triggers many other serious ailments over the years. The resolve to stick to a stringent diet or visiting the gym often runs out of steam midway, which does no good to the person who has enthusiastically vowed to do these things to avoid being plagued by obesity. If you have been suffering from obesity or fear that you are slowly inching towards the treatment zone, it’s time to think about feasible and effective alternatives that would help you stay fit. Raspberry ketone extract - a popular health supplement, is one such solution, which has helped many people steer clear of obesity.

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Walnut Enriched Diet Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Of all the worlds’ ills, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is by far a couple of the most insidious diseases. They often take years, even decades to develop and take hold, and oftentimes people fail to take action until it is too late. As a resident of Newfoundland, an island population in which CVD and T2D are particularly prevalent, I often see firsthand the effects these diseases can force an individual to endure.

While there are genetic factors that can predispose an individual to these illnesses, they are treatable and even preventable with the proper education and lifestyle. A study which was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Dr. David L. Katz, furthered that education a little more so that people who are at risk of developing these ailments may have another means to improve their quality of life. The study investigated the role of Walnuts on endothelial function in overweight adults with visceral obesity and other characteristics of Metabolic Syndrome, which is a risk factor for CVD and T2D.


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High Fat Diets Block Your Gut's Ability to Signal Fullness Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

It's amazing how many people go about the process of losing weight all the wrong way!

Some people focus on extreme dieting, cutting back on their calorie consumption until their bodies are almost starving.

Some people focus on lifting heavy weights, hoping that increasing their muscles will burn all of the fat around their midriff.

Some people focus on high intensity or long duration cardio, expecting that they'll burn a lot of fat - when all they do is cannibalize muscle.

The key to losing weight is to combine a good aerobic (cardio) workout with weight training and a healthy diet. Only by doing these things will you actually lose weight.

Or will you?

The Damage is Already Done…


The University of Adelaide has shed some interesting light on our body's reactions to diets. PhD student Stephen Kentish is the one responsible for this study, which provides a fascinating insight into how a high fat diet affects the human body.

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