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Understanding the fitness and exercise industry can help you meet your weight loss goals, your training goals and bring you to new fitness levels. There are many beneficial products on the market today that are quite affordable and can easily be added to your current at home gym or weight loss program.

If you are completely new to the fitness industry there is nothing more important than starting at the bottom and working your way up the ladder. The "Zon Hand Massage Ball" can help you do that just. I am here to guide you through the specifics of this product which will then allow you to make an informed decision.

How Does the "Zon Hand Massage Ball" Work?

This ball offers a textured rubber surface for grip and is meant to help you improve your own grip, your forearm muscles as well as the strength of your fingers. It’s easy to handle size and high quality materials will last you a lifetime which makes this a true one time purchase.

The "Zon Hand Massage Ball" also comes with a user guide to help you learn some of the most basic exercises to get the most out of this hand workout. I bet you’ve never thought of increasing your grip strength, but it can be vital when your fitness program progresses to strength training.

What Are Others Saying-Does the "Zon Hand Massage Ball" Really Deliver?

It is time to do our background research and decide if other first time buyers like you have found this product to do exactly as they claim, strengthen their grip and forearm muscles.

A user who goes by the screen name Yogi Bear was trying to recover from a hand injury when they discovered this product. The "Zon Hand Massage Ball" turned out to be the perfect rehabilitation tool to help regain strength in the hand.

Barry F. Stinson found this product to not only help his arthritis but to be a great stress reliever as well; we all can use a great stress reliever from time to time! When you first try to squeeze this ball you will find that it offers a bit of resistance which creates the illusion that it may be too spongy to get the job done.

On the contrary, J. Hans notes that after several squeezes the ball creates the perfect amount of resistance to keep you working those muscles. A hand strengthening tool can really enhance your fitness training experience if you utilize the right one.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

The average person doesn’t consider a hand strengthening tool to be much assistance in regards to weight loss but this is not true. A person’s weight loss journey is very personal and with this being said you may choose to include strength training or you may not.

If you do, the "Zon Hand Massage Ball" may be the key to your success. For someone who has never lifted weights before, you may not have the grip to accomplish large amounts of weight. By utilizing this product on a regular basis you can build up your hand and arm strength in order to increase your success within weight training and therefore in weight loss as well.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely affordable, sold for only $6.99
  • Can be used for physical therapy
  • Strengthens not only hand muscles but forearm muscles as well


  • May be too small in size for those with larger hands
  • Some users find it to be nothing more than a regular rubber ball

Problems and Complaints

There were very few complaints associated with this product but what I did find were several users who found this product to be nothing more than a plain rubber ball that can be purchased anywhere. Just as with any fitness product on the market today this is a personal preference and one you can only make when you try the product for yourself.

How Many Times a Day Do I Use this Product?

Just as with any other form of fitness, it is important not to overwork your muscles by using this piece of equipment too frequently. Once in the morning and once at night may be the perfect amount to help increase your hand and forearm muscles at a consistent basis, while still allowing time for rest.

If you have never used a product like this it may seem like it won’t work, but after a few squeezes you will begin to see what others have been talking about.

How Does the "Zon Hand Massager Ball" Rate Overall?

This product received a 4 star rating on Amazon.com. The majority of consumers got exactly what they were looking for out of this product. It is easy to use and perfect for a number of different usages. It is this type of versatility that people are looking for in fitness products today.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Zon Massage Hand Ball"?

If you are interested in trying out the "Hand Massage Ball" for yourself, you can buy this product at a great price through Amazon.com.  What’s great about this product is it is incredibly affordable so giving it a try is not that big of a risk!

Between taking notes, typing,

Between taking notes, typing, and working with my hands a lot, my hands get sore. Any tips for massaging them?

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