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Men, women and children alike are jumping on board to play their video games from home and get into shape at the same time. The Wii was the first on the market but today the Xbox Kinect is taking the world by storm. No matter what your reason is for wanting to workout from home, a program like this is much better than following a 2-dimensional workout DVD.

"Your Shape Fitness Evolved" is one of the most highly rated interactive fitness games on the market today and no matter what your current shape is today, this program can help you progress to where you want to be tomorrow.

How does "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" Work?

In the video review below you can watch an expert describing the way that "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" works. This overview covers the whole range of all both the personalized exercises and the fitness games as well. It also goes through the features and benefits that this DVD gives to your workout.

This program includes two famous trainers ready to help you get into shape. The technology of Kinect allows 100% tracking and therefore no lagging during the workout which allows you better player engagement than some of the other interactive programs.

The great thing about this game is that it is already loaded with hundreds of different workout programs but you also have the ability to download more as they become available so you will never run out of new and interesting workouts to take part in.

With no controller needed, it will feel as if you are working out with your personal trainer face to face.

What Are Others Saying- Does "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" Really Deliver?

In the video below you can watch a user's testimony after putting into practice "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" DVD.

If you are deciding whether or not to invest in a workout program like this, it is important to do your research and find out what other users like yourself think of the program and what their first experiences were like. I have completed this research for you and found a few users’ opinions that may help you make your decision easier.

Andrew Clegg is a first time user who is not familiar with exercise and this is his view on the program: There is a large variety of exercises to choose from and because of this you have no excuse not to workout. It is fun to use and can get anyone moving, no matter what their current fitness level is.

Ian D. Thatcher from New Jersey loves how the program keeps track of your calories burned so you can visually see the excess fat melting from your body. Lastly, KJ is a first time user who can’t wait for new workouts to be released. Cardio boxing is by far one of the most popular workout programs and it even offers different levels for you to progress to.

This type of exercise program gives you the motivation to keep going and reach new levels in the game and in your life as well. This is just a small sample of the many different user opinions online today and as you can see, the workout has many variations as well.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Just as with any workout program, the key to weight loss success is consistency and a healthy diet. No matter how great a workout program may be, you can’t expect to see results if you are still eating more calories than you are burning off.

The ability to use at home an interactive program like this without even needing a controller makes it feel more personalized and real. This in itself provides you with the motivation you need to continue with a consistent workout routine of at least 4 times a week.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Great tracking and sensor system even without controllers
  • Large variety of workouts to choose from plus the ability to download more
  • Great for beginners and advanced levels alike


  • There is little room for customization
  • Still reported glitches in the system ex. Loss of progress when you switch to a new program

Problems and Complaints

After sifting through hundreds of different user opinions and experiences, I found one main problem with this program. Several overweight and even obese users found that the sensors and tracking on the Kinect system do not work nearly as well as they do for an average sized individual.

This is a big concern because if you are looking to lose more than a few pounds, this system may not be the right way to go.

How Is the Instruction with this Program?

Whether you are new to exercising or not, the appropriate amount of instruction is always required in order to make sure you are on track with the program and conducting the moves properly to avoid injury and promote optimal results.

I’ve read several comments that state the instruction with this program is not up to par with some of the others on the market today. They don’t provide you enough time to understand the move before they are on to the next one if there is an explanation at all. If you are a fast learner, this may not be a problem but for the rest of us this may not be good enough.

How Does "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product received a 4 star rating from Although there were some legitimate complaints and problems associated with this program, hundreds of users still found it to be successful and exactly what they were looking for.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews on "Your Shape Fitness Evolved"?

If you are interested in purchasing "Your Shape Fitness Evolved" DVD to see the results for yourself, you can buy this product at a 28% discounted price through Here you can read more reviews and educate yourself on the product before making that final decision.

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