Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics Book Review

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In the world of fitness and weight loss, it can be hard to know which fitness regimes really work and what they can do for you and your current situation. Yoga is a timeless practice that has become one of the most popular workout regimes among men and women within the past few years.

In order to learn more about yoga, some people are turning towards professional trainers and others towards books like "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics". Reading through detailed explanations regarding the history of yoga as well as what the practice can do for your overall health may help you decide yoga is the fitness regime that can help you meet your weight loss goals.

What is "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics" About?

Although yoga is a very common practice today, not everyone is familiar with its principles and basics and this is where this book comes in handy. It is a comprehensive guide that will take you step by step through the yoga basics.

Not only will you learn about the techniques themselves but the purpose of yoga, what it can do for your body as well as your mind. There are a variety of different yoga styles available for you today and this guide describes each one in great detail so you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs and future goals.

With illustrations clearly demonstrating some of the most common yoga moves you can really get an idea as who how yoga works, if you want to try it and if it will work for you.

What Are Others Saying- Does the "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics" Really Deliver?

Understanding any fitness practice is extremely important before you decide to take part in it yourself. Weight loss can be a challenging journey and the last thing you want is to become discouraged because you chose the wrong avenue.

A Customer like yourself took the time to share their thoughts on the product. Even someone who has spent their life conducting yoga can appreciate the wisdom within this book; it is not only for beginners.

Yoga Journal takes the time to thoroughly demonstrate the poses through detailed illustrations and Jami Sue wants everyone to know it is easy to read and learn no matter how much you already know about yoga.

Catherine T. Darcy is a yoga teacher who utilizes this book to help create more unique yoga routines and programs for her students. Yoga Journal has taken the time to cover all angles of this fitness regime so everyone can benefit from the product. Whether you have thought of utilizing a book for help losing weight or not, these users have proven that information is a great place to start.

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

The key to weight loss is understanding and educating yourself on the root problems within your life. "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics" offers instructional information, explanations about the practice as well as illustrated pictures to help you understand yoga enough to begin utilizing it yourself from home.

There is not much to learn when it comes to yoga but a full understanding can really help you get the most out of any fitness regime. Once you are ready to begin you will begin to see the book’s teachings come to life and the results will prove whether this practice is for you or not.

Yoga can most definitely help you lose weight as well it can help you relieve stress and become more flexible all at the same time.

Pros and Cons


  • Illustrated photos of specific moves for visual aids
  • Affordable price
  • Can use these techniques at home
  • A brief history of yoga is included for total understanding


  • Some users say there is too much philosophy and not enough fitness information
  • Can be too basic if you have already tried yoga in the past
  • For beginners only

Problems and Complaints

The biggest problem I found associated with this book is that there is too much history and philosophy and not enough fitness information. Although it is important to have a brief understanding of what yoga is all about and how it came to be, it is more important to learn how this fitness regime can help you lose weight.

There were many other users out there who were happy with the book and found weight loss success but if you are already unsure about yoga, this book may not be motivating enough.

How Does Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

When you think of weight loss you generally think of hours running on the treadmill and dripping in sweat. When you think of yoga it just doesn’t seem like it has enough impact to burn the calories a good cardio workout can.

Yoga utilizes what is known as low impact cardio and helps you lose weight, tone muscles and increase flexibility with many different strategic moves. These stretches increase your heart rate and provide the right amount of cardio needed to burn calories through stretching and therefore weight loss begins.

How Does "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product was given 4 stars on It delivers what it claims and does offer the basics of yoga for beginners but it does not go far enough to teach people who are beyond the basics of yoga.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics"?

If you are interested in buying the "Yoga Basics" Book, you can buy this product at a great price  through Here you can read more reviews and see what other users and potential users like yourself think of the book and how it helped them with their weight loss goals.

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