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You are very welcome to post an article on WeightLossTriumph! There is an editorial fee of $25.

Make sure your article is unique, relevant and interesting. Send me an email at matthewpap [at] gmail [dot] com.


Hey WLT,

I would be interested in writing a guest post for your site.

I have written many posts before. (I represent a charity called MHA.org.uk)

I think it would be really interesting to write about weight loss in regards to age. Is it safe to Diet when older? Would you diet any differently when older?

I think this would be a good read and it would attract many more readers. Let me know what you think.



Request for Guest Post

Hello There,

I am helping howloseweightnaturally.com manage their guest blogging campaign & I am interested to provide article for your blog.

I will be providing completely unique article for the blog post which has never been used anywhere else. I could provide any article on "The Secrets of Natural Soup for Weight Loss" topics you provide or I suggest whichever is fine with you.

For reference you can see following links where I have submitted my articles:

1. weight-loss-in-week.blogspot.com/

2. weightlossinaweek.blog.com/ Please let me know if that's something that may be of interest! Sincerely, Angela Wilson

Are you interested in Free Guest Posting


Are you currently accepting guest posts on website ?

My name is Jenni Roi and I am a freelance writer to help them reach new audiences online by developing content partnerships with good quality blogs and websites like yours.

I would like to stress that the article itself will not be self-promotional - I strive to ensure each piece I write is unique, written exclusively for your website and offers value to your audience.

If you are happy for me to do so, then I will include a reference to my client in the byline so that your readers can find out more if they wish.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

I look forwards to hearing from you.

All the best,
Jenni Roi

Request to submit articles to guest posting facility

Hello Matthew

I'd like you to consider articles I create 'on topic' for your guest posting facility.

In the interests of transparency I am creating a review site (which is in it's infancy) and I do hope that it can demonstrate, maybe even just some, of the rigorous standards your site employs.

I understand your time is precious but hope for a speedy (and candid) reply

best regards

Russell Bright

I would like to follow up on the status of my post please?

Hi there! I would just like to follow up any progress in the article I sent you about a week ago. Thank you very much!

Matthew's picture

Amanda, Your Article is Published

Hello Amanda,

thank you for your well-researched article:


I would like to share the benefits of Colon and Liver Cleansing

I would like to submit some guest posts on your website. I'm a fitness expert who runs a fitness bootcamp for fat loss, and will be currently launching a new website on the benefits of colon and liver cleansing combined with my intense fat loss exercise programme.

Poor articles here


Somehow your standards have fallen. Not only is this article boring but the English is poor. I didnt know that waistline was a muscle? Perhaps only on this blog?

Matthew's picture

You Are Right

Hello Iron Simba,

you are right. I published this crappy article on purpose just to give you an example of what I mean when I say (see above) that "most of you guys submit total garbage".

Regarding Article Writing


Hope you are doing well.

My name is Stefanos. I am a professional articles, blogs and content writer. I am interested into posting my Articles in your concerned website. So, could you please assist me with this. If convenient could you please provide me the particular topics that you wish to have the articles written on to.

I will be obliged to have a topic supplied from your end.

Your response for the same will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
Stefanos Anastasiadis

Guest Posting Request


While I was idly searching for topics related to health and fitness today, I stumbled upon Weight Loss Triumph. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much quality from blogs dwelling on this topic but I was easily proven wrong when I got to your site. The information presented on every post is exhaustive and very detailed so I was able to understand the concept easily.

I just want to know if you would be interested in letting me guest post on your website. I keep a blog which dwells on the same category as yours so I guess it'd be cool to share my expertise to a new set of audience and contribute to your site at the same time.

Let me know what you think.


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  Hello,   I was going

Hello, I was going to post the following to my clients site (facialplastics.info), but I thought I would go to you with the post because we really enjoy your stuff. I believe these posts will greatly benefit your readers and fit well within the context of your blog. Here are exclusive guest posts that we currently have available:

  • Find a Facelift Doctor
  • How Endocopi Sinus Surgery Works
  • New Facelift Techniques
  • Plastic Surgery Techniques in 2012
  • What is Parathyroid Surgery
  • What is Parotid Gland Surgery

Let me know if you are interested and I can send over the post(s)

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Send Them Over

Hi Anthony,

just upload the articles according to the guidelines. Keep the quality high and I will post them all.

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Post Deleted

I submitted an article title "Paleo Diet - The New Trend" which has beem removed? Could you please confirm me the reason ?? So that I can submit updated article

guest post

Hello, my name is Sonia Jackson (I represent writing-research-papers.org) and I'd like to contribute with you. I can provide an article "7 things that motivate you to go to a gym". If you are interested in it or if you want to propose some special topic, please, write me to sonia.ds.jackson@gmail.com I'm looking forward your response. Thanks, Sonia


Hi ,
I am Jenny Williams an avid blogger by hobby, and Dermatologist by profession. I always love to share my knowledge about nutrition, proper diets, skin care, beauty and personal care so that people can get benefits out of it. I have written many blogs and posts in the past.

Your website is very amazing, which interested me to explore it more deeply.  I think a guest contribution that discusses anything related to the theme of your website, will interest you readers and offer a value addition to the website. Or perhaps, we can work on any specific topic you have in mind. Either way, I would love to hear your views regarding a guest contribution.
I'm happy for any changes you want to make. I respect your quality standards, guidelines and I will make sure that I work my level best to promote the post when it goes live.
If you allow me to write a post for you then I will send you the post.

Waiting for your positive response.


Proposal for unique Guest post

Hello ,

This is John & I work as a content writer in many Health communities,I discovered your site (http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/) through search engine and dig how informative your site, so I was interested in offering you some Unique content to post in your site .The content would be 100% unique content. If you allow me to do so I would be very obliged & helpful to you ...

Awaiting for your positive & earnest reply soon....

Thanks for your valuable time to read our mail. I will look forward to
hearing from you soon .

Yours truly ,
John Stuard

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In relation to reviewed guest post

Hello Matthew,

I'm a little new to this blog so I wasn't sure how I should reply back to your private message. Anyhow, I've uploaded my picture. Thank you for your appreciation, looking forward to see my article on your website.
Have a nice day!
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Guest post!

Hello there!

Just managed to upload my first (Of many... hopefully) guest post! Let me know if it is worth publishing on your website.



About Guest posting

Hi Admin,
We have unique and genuine articles which needs to be published on your site.
Once article is published will not be shared with anywhere else.
Articles are on Health related Topics such as How to loss weight, Healthy diet,Exercise


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Follow up

Hi guys just following up on a post I wrote?

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Want to write article for your blog


I am helping manage their guest blogging campaign & I am interested to provide article for your blog.I will be providing completely unique article for the blog post which has never been used anywhere else.

I could provide any article on topics you provide or I suggest whichever is fine with you.
For reference you can see following links where I have submitted my articles:



Please let me know if that's something that may be of interest!

Caren Lee

Proposal for unique Guest post

Hello ,

This is John & I work as a content writer in many Health communities,I discovered your site (http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/) through search engine and dig how informative your site, so I was interested in offering you some Unique content to post in your site .The content would be 100% unique content. If you allow me to do so I would be very obliged & helpful to you ...

Awaiting for your positive & earnest reply soon....

Thanks for your valuable time to read our mail. I will look forward to
hearing from you soon .

Yours truly ,
John Stuard

Guest Posting

I see that you accept “guest posts” and I would be happy to write a creative and exciting article for you. I am an experienced and engaging writer for a major medical website who can write intriguing articles on topics related to your site. Are you still accepting guest posts because if so I have a great article that your readers would love to read.

Please let me know where I can submit the article too if so.


Guest Post Contributor

Hi there,

I am an avid reader of Weight Loss triumph. Your articles are really interesting. I have read your blog about Why HIIT is Not Enough To Lose Fat. I have always believed that HIIt is already enough to lose fat. Apparently, it's not. Thank you so much for that information!

I am thinking if I can contribute too. I want to share an article about The Downsides of A No-Carb Diet.

I look forward to working with you.


Janella Giselle G Domingo

Do you need unique articles?


I have seen your blog and it seems to have a lot of valuable content. We have articles related to your website and we would like to promote our website. We would like to offer you unique fresh content on the condition that we have 1 or 2 anchor text links back to our site. We will set up everything for you. You would just need to copy n paste.

We do our research on content and check for its potential popularity before we write these articles and we can also promote these contents on our social media channels for you. It's win - win for both of us.

Please let me know if you will be interested by the return of the email.

Guest Post for your blog

Hi Matthew,

I am Sagar and working for Newsbeats. I come to your blog from Google and seem that you are doing so well. And that's why I am interested to write a guest post on your blog. Our Writers have written on many topics which are new and unique for your blog and your readers will like to read it.

Doctors say Ayurveda is bad for diabetics
Too much light at night causes depression

I want to guest post other articles too which been written by our writers but not know how to write a guest post on your blog.

Weight Loss/Diet Article

Hi Matthew. Great site you have here and I'm interested in guest posting. Here's the latest post on my site: What are Antioxidants? I really try to put a lot into my posts and engage and entertain the reader. Let me know if you're interested and I'll create a post for Weight Loss Triumph. Kind regards! Jeff

Guest posts

I have a number of guests posts online as I used to write for some major Universities about their online programs, I currently am working for a company that deals with weight loss and health products and I am interested in contributing to your blog. Below are a few samples of my work, if you are interested please contact me for a unique article that will be well researched. Regards, Pete



Guest Post submitted

Hey, I submitted some content to you but didn't hear back from you. Could you please let me know if you like it?


Matthew's picture

Hello Marc,thank you for

Hello Marc,

thank you for your article.  It's horribly written It contains many awkward expressions. It's not written in good English and therefore I cannot publish it. Do not get discouraged though. Hire a professional writer from Elance.com (or another freelance service) and have them re-write your article for $10-20 so that it will read well. I do this all the time with my own assignments given that I am not a professional writer either.

I hope you understand that the quality of the articles we publish in WeightLossTriumph must be good enough so that our readers will enjoy reading them. Send me your article again.

Guest posting

Hi there,

I have seen that you accept guest articles on your website. I am wondering if the “offer” is still available.

I’ve read the guidelines and I would really like to post an article. And who knows, maybe I will become a regular contributor.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Matthew's picture

Send Me Your Article

You are very welcome to send me your article. Make it informative, well-researched and newsworthy. Do not rehash "old" information.  I will be happy to publish it.

Life Particle TV


I see you are accepting Guest Posts and would like to introduce you to Life Particles - as conceptualized by visionary Ilchi Lee, are considered to be the building blocks of all life; with them one has the potential to create anything.

LPTV produces live broadcasting and video-on-demand programs about highly sought after health and well-being topics: guided meditations, awakened living tips, and other mind-boggling energy healing modalities that are improving people’s lives every day. I’d love to stream some content to you, either written or a video.

Here is a quick sample of the light-inspiring, accessible work we offer


Sending you the best, Kelly

I'd like to write for you

I've been looking around trying to find places to guest post on. I have a site, getphen375fatburner.com that I would like to spread the word about. If you would like some unique free content please let me know and i'll send it over.

Article writing

I would love to write for you and because I write for a over 40 audience I think it will be beneficial to both of us

Body Wraps for Weight loss

Hey guys, I am interested in guest-blogging for your site.  My website is about body wraps, and thus I would like to provide some info about what they are good for, what they are not, as well as when it's safe and not safe to use them, etc. I will not be promoting my site, but do hope I can have a bio at the bottom of each article with a link back to my site.

Body Wraps can be used to aid with people's weight loss plans and are used by many Salons and Spas to help their clientele lose inches and reduce cellulite. However, some body wraps reduce inches due to water loss, while others do it from detoxifying the body.

My goal is to educate consumers so they know how to choose the right body wraps for their weight loss goals. Some of the topics might be:

1) Do Body Wraps for weight loss really work? - What to expect from performing body wraps at Salons or home.

2) Beware of body wraps for weight loss - Body wraps are intended to be used only as supplements to healthy diets, and exercise, anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to scam you. 3) Do Body Wraps really help lose inches, reduce  cellulite and detoxify? The truth about Body Wraps finally exposed.

If you don't find any of those topics relevant, I can come up with other ones that might be more interesting to your readers. I have written for several blogs such as the following:





And a few more. I look forward to hearing back from you with a favorable answer, Thanks!

Interested Guest Blogger

Hi, How are you doing? I am Joyce Del Rosario. I am a health and fitness blogger. I am a long time reader of your blog. Whenever I read your blog, I always imagine myself being featured in your site but I don’t have a good topic to share during those times so I didn’t take the chance to contact you.

I have a great topic to share to your blog readers. It’s entitled “You're Not Going Any Thinner!” This will surely capture the interest of your readers since this will feature the things they are doing wrong in their weight loss program. In case you want to take a peek with my article, here is a sample:


I hope to hear from you soon. Any social media help that I can do for the promotion of your site or if you want me to share some news to my colleagues, please do inform me. I will be more than willing to help.


Joyce Del Rosario

P.S. I have read the article regarding weight loss tips for nurses and it has been very informative, especially since I’m also a nurse. I salute your blog for always delivering quality content. I hope you continue being an inspiration to your readers.

Matthew's picture

Looking Forward to It

Dear Joyce,

I am eagerly awaiting for your article. I will publish it within a week.


Article for your blog

Hello, I have quality unique article about food and dependence: psychiatric advice! If you are interested - just let me know. Thanks More information about How to Become a Psychiatrist...

Guest Post - Just celebrity hype or do they really work?

I would like to contribute an informational post on weight loss on the topic - 'Just celebrity hype or do they really work?'.

Let me know if you are interested to know more about this.

Thanks & Regards,
Tom White

Guest Post: Tennessee Nurses Gets Help in Lifting


I have been following your site, http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/, for some time and would like to offer a guest post. I currently have an article on Tennessee Nurses Gets Help in Lifting available for posting. Please let me know if this topic would interest you and your readers and I would be happy to send you a draft.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Matthew's picture

Andrina, Thank You for Your Article


here is your first article published:


Looking forward to the second one.


Andrina's picture

You`re Welcome

Its my pleasure Matt to work with you. I will have my second article soon. I will let you know.. Thanks once again! More powers..

Lose Weight Naturally with a Vegan Diet.


I would like to write an article for your website with the title above. Because I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life, I feel qualified to share my success with the vegan diet.

Changing to a vegan diet has allowed me to lose weight naturally with out dieting. There is no need to count calories or practice portion control. Eat when hungry and to complete satisfaction.

What could be better.

Thank you
Karen Coghlan

Writing is something I

Writing is something I continually strive to get better at. I would be interested in writing some guest posts for you.

Guest writing for you

I noticed there are posts on HIIT vs slow steady state cardio, and "life without bread". Well I have some input to share on these topics, as well as others, that I know will be interesting to your readers. There are products like Ezekial bread, that fitness figures (Fitness model Amanda Adams etc), swear by, as well as a new product P28 (a protein bread), that will allow you to keep good carbs in your diet while promoting muscle maintenance and growth by keeping high protein in your diet. I could even make a post about good carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc) and cool recipes to make with them (sweet potato soufflés, rice patties, or SP donuts), or pasta alternatives. I just graduated in May, and did not actually study nutrition, but I was a 2 sport division I athlete, and I just started doing bikini competitions a week after graduation. Meanwhile studying my course curriculums, I have been learning things on the side about nutrition and how to eat according to your goals. Although I may not be able to explain with 100% accuracy and thorough detail, what the digestive process and body functions are that will take place inside your body, I can speak in terms that your readers can follow!

Please check out my blog as well.

Matthew's picture

Great Information

Hello Rachelle,

this is great information. Send me your article and will publish it within a week.

Following Google Panda and Penguin we can afford publishing only content that is

  • newsworthy
  • and of a decent length (at least 700 words).

If the article elaborates on an "old" topic (a topic that has been around for years) it should at least have an insightful spin in it.

We do not publish articles that provide nothing but rehashed information.

Looking forward to your article.

Guest Post Opportunity


I just want to thank you for your wonderful website. It’s a great place to find interesting and original information about Fitness & Health Advice and Tips. I really loved this article that you posted earlier this year - http://www.weightlosstriumph.com/everyday-paleo-book-review-by-sarah-fra....

I also noticed that you have posted some guest contributions on your site and wanted to know if you are you still accepting guest posts?

I am working with a company called New Life Nutrition and the owner Julie Masci is currently looking for guest posting opportunities. I would love to send you her latest article for consideration - or if you have a specific topic that you would like to see covered, she is more than happy to write on that?


Sharon Freeman

jonelbelen's picture

Hi there! I would like to

Hi there! I would like to submit a guest post about shoulder pain. If pain and soreness in your shoulder is making everyday tasks difficult there are a wide range of treatments available to alleviate the discomfort. While shoulder pain is a common complaint, not all shoulder pains stem from the same cause, and getting the right treatment requires getting the diagnosis right first.

Disclosure: We review and test many products on this site. Nobody pays us to review their product. However, if you end up purchasing one of these products we sometimes receive a small fee from the merchant. This helps to keep the site maintained and running.

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