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Dancing is an awesome cardio exercise.  Professional dancers always look amazing.  The art and grace of dancing is wonderful.  It’s a skill I have always wanted to learn but have been to afraid to try in public. 

That is until UbiSoft released Just Dance.  It may not be professional dancing taught by a real life instructor, but it gets me up and moving while enjoying some nice rhythms.

How Does Just Dance Work?

Just Dance is a flat out video game in the same style as Dance Dance revolution or Guitar Hero.  The premise is simple; as music plays the player must match certain rhythmic motions with certain points on the screen.  Motions are captured with the Wii remote.

But there is dancing involved. Lots of dancing. The idea of the game is to dance my way through each song to obtain the highest score.  And this dancing makes for the perfect weight loss game play.  And dancing provides an excellent cardio workout.  It’s a win-win deal that combines lots of fun and lots of exercise. 

Combining fun songs with the challenge of obtaining the highest score while playing with your friends completely distracts me from the fact that I am even working out.  

What Are Others Saying About Just Dance?

Other people love this game.  It’s very family oriented.  It’s very friend oriented.  Just Dance is a very social game. KazzaB and her sister had so much fun they continued playing it well after the kids went to bed.  I have read countless other consumers mentioning how much they play this game.  One person even commented on taking it along to a company event. 

It’s fun.  There isn’t much of a debate about that.  Like Eloopat says, "while being fun it helps lose weight".  A half hour of game play will get me sweating and my heart moving.  I’m not the only person to admit this.  The cardio workout is amazing.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Game play in Just Dance is a good cardio exercise.  There isn’t any strength training here.  It’s all high calorie burning movements.  There are no strict numbers for guaranteed weight loss, but I have seen numbers from a few pounds up to about 20.  The effort and time that is put in to this game will be what is gotten from it.  Extended use can yield great results.

Pros and Cons


  • It's fun. Very fun.
  • You don't need any special skills to play it
  • You will get a great aerobic workout and laugh at the same time
  • The songs are rated based on the difficulty of the  moves, so you can choose what suits you best.


  • The developers should have added more songs to it


Problems and Complaints

Nothing is perfect.  I have a few complaints about Just Dance.  The lack of songs is the biggest.  Tina Russell agrees.  This game only has 30 tracks.  It’s not nearly enough.  With how fun and addicting Just Dance is I was able to fly through those 30 tracks without thinking twice.  I wouldn't mind seeing closer to 60 tracks to keep things fresher for a longer period of time.

My other complaint is the lack of challenge.  Just Dance is a heavy cardio game, but it’s still a game.  Some kind of unlockable tracks or achievements would have been nice to keep interest peeked longer.  Songs will play, pass or fail.  And game play is to streamlined. 

The Benefits Of Dancing

I have to admit, I’m embarrassed to dance in public.  But it’s great fun in my own home.  And it’s highly effective.  But dancing can do more than just dropping weight.  An hour of dancing can be equivalent to a short run.  Other health benefits include lowering cholesterol, lower heart rate, and lower blood pressure.  An hour of dancing can burn 300-400 calories.  Over all, it’s a great form of exercising. 

How Does Just Dance Rate Overall?

Just Dance has received excellent reviews from over 800 customers on Amazon. It is a worthwhile investment.  Game play by design is fun and invigorating.  What’s interesting is the heavy cardio exercise received from the game without comprehending it.  An hour can easily go by without realizing the sweat dripping.  And best of all, this is something that everyone looks forward to making this an easy tool to add to any weight loss regimen. 

Where Can I Buy Just Dance?

Just Dance is currently on sale at Amazon.com where you can buy it at a discount.  Other consumers have also left reviews to read through. Read more reviews here.

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