"Why Can't I Lose Weight" - 4 Reasons You Don't See the Desired Results

Hello there stranger! Today we are going to have a look at what might keep your away from the desired results. It might be that you don’t lose weight at all or you’re just unhappy with the weight loss pace. So let’s start!

The Snack Attack

Often times, especially when you see some results, you are tempted to cheat. You know what I’m talking about. A small chocolate bar, just a glass of soda, a little piece of cake and so on. You say to yourself “50 grams won’t do any harm” so you indulge yourself. The problem is that you do this and then repeat this though many times until the box of chocolate bars is empty, the walls of the soda pet are dry and the cake isn’t there anymore.

Why to avoid this kind of behavior? For two reasons:

The first and most obvious reason is that your weight loss diet turns all of a sudden into a weight gain diet so to speak.

The second and the most important reason is about the habits that a weight loss diet wants you to embrace. You see, weight loss diets are not only about losing weight, they are also about adopting a new and healthy lifestyle, the one that won’t get you into diabetes or other ugly health problems. And as you might know, each new habit takes time to be hardwired to your brain. Each time you cheat, the process starts all over again as if the last few days or weeks never existed. That’s a big price to pay for a chocolate bar, isn’t it?

Turning Yourself into a Nerd

Many times people email me after reading an article and say that “great article, I want to start a diet too” which is great news for me. After a week or two I email back and ask them “How is your diet plan working for you?” They reply most of the times:

“Well, you see Danielle, I’ve been researching for the past 2 weeks and I didn’t come up to a conclusion yet which one is suitable for me”.

This is what I like to call “the weight loss nerd”. It’s a person that keeps searching for info about diets and never starts one. Don’t be one of them! They all work but each one is different, each one is for a different type of person so choose the one that you think is the easiest and start it today!

Believing the Myth about Weight Loss

They say if you want to lose weight just eat less and do more sports. Which to some extend is true, but sadly too many people fail to understand the true meaning. They then go eating the same bad food filled with bad fats and lots of calories but with just a serving less, so they eat less right? Then they go and jog for 10 minutes at full throttle and come back exhausted.

“Man didn’t I just burned 1k calories or not? I feel great! I don’t need those stupid diets!“


You need these diets because they are made by people who understand how your body works. They tell you exactly what to eat, how much and when to eat. They also tell you what exercises you should do and recommend starting slow so your body can adjust. So if you want to lose weight, if you want to fit those long forgotten clothes of yours, you’d better follow diets and not myths!

The Same Old You

As I said before, a weight loss diet is in fact a new lifestyle. Many people don’t consider this. They just eat what the diet plan says and they go from time to time to the gym. Then they return to the same bad habits. They take the taxi instead of a longer walk, the elevator instead of taking the few stairs, the French fries instead of the baked potato, and so on.

You need to change your way of doing things not only the eating menu. You have to become a more active person. Following a diet without adopting a new lifestyle will not work on the long run. It’s just a quick fix. Quick fixes don’t hold too much though.

So here you have 4 of the reasons you might not have the results you want so much. If one or more of those reasons are responsible for your lack of success then just follow my advice and you’ll be just fine. Good Luck!

About the author:
Danielle Nish is a former overweight victim who has successfully won the weight loss battle. Since then she dedicated a part of her time to help other people be more efficient in their weight loss journey. If you want to read more about weight loss diets and advice visit her blog I Lose My Weight Also she recommends Phen375, a powerful fat burner. Read Danielle's comprehensive Phen375 review.

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