What is Weight Watchers Monthly Pass?

By Jackie Stinson

It’s probably no surprise to learn that when you want to lose weight, the more resources you have, the better your chance of success. If you’ve ever attended a Weight Watchers meeting in your local area, you know they can be full of inspiration, ideas for recipes and exercise, and, most importantly, motivation to succeed. What could be better than a Weight Watchers weekly meeting? How about a meeting anytime you want to attend one (unlimited access)? Or, an abundance of weight loss and health resources at the tip of your finger? Imagine having every tool you need for success exactly when you need it most. Weight Watchers Monthly Pass offers exactly that.

Supportive and Fun

Tuesday night happy hour crew

Monthly Pass can be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to shed pounds and have unlimited support. Registration is free and you can attend as many meetings as you’d like. If you find yourself in a slump or tempted to make some bad food choices, the support and accountability of a Weight Watchers meeting may be just what you need. With Monthly Pass, you can go to a meeting whenever you need one. When I lost more than 60 pounds  using Weight Watchers (People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.), it was wonderful to have the weekly support of the meetings. There were definitely times where I could have used a little kick start in between meetings though.

Fits Your Life

There are not required foods. You can dine out and still lose weight. In between meetings, use Weight Watchers eTools to keep yourself on track. Use the food tracker to make sure you’re staying within your Weight Watchers PointsPlus daily target. Stay on top of your weight and activity by logging in each day. That’s only the beginning! Weight Watchers eTools gives you instant access to a ton of recipes and great ideas for meals. You can easily access thousands of foods and PointsPlus values, so you never have to worry about going over your daily target.

Anytime. Anywhere.

There’s even mobile website and mobile apps (for iPhones, Android and more), so you will literally never be without the support you need to succeed. It’s perfect when you’re on the go, but don’t want to veer off course. The app is super user friendly and offers some great features.

When you’re shopping, you can scan a product’s barcode to find out the PointsPlus value. There is no guesswork and, best of all, you don’t have to do the math yourself. The app also allows you to add your favorite foods, get a featured daily recipe so you never get bored, and read members’ success stories. You can even find a nearby meeting location and time. Soon enough, you’ll be uploading your own photos and stories to motivate and inspire others.

Think about it. Weight Watchers meetings allow you to interact with people just like you who are on the road to weight loss success. It’s a perfect way for you to share your ideas, talk about your progress, and learn helpful tips. But sometimes you need a little encouragement between meetings. With access to Weight Watchers eTools, it’s like having a meeting in the comfort of your own home. When you’re tempted to go to the fridge, go online instead. Read articles about staving off temptation or fun activities to get your heart pumping.

Personal and Inspiring

Picture what a week in your life would look like as a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass holder.

Monday: Attend your weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Weigh-in (that’s confidential of course). Discover meal ideas and get inspired by the stories you hear. Come home energized and take the dog for an extra-long walk. Before bed, log your meals and activity with Weight Watchers eTools.

Tuesday and Wednesday: you’re feeling great! You created a few mouthwatering recipes with the Recipe Builder and can’t wait to try them with your family.

Maybe by Thursday you’re a little less energetic and need a bit of inspiration. Log in to eTools and watch a demo video or two to get some new fitness ideas.

The boss decides to take everyone out for lunch on Friday. You don’t need to worry about a thing. You can easily track the food you eat using your mobile app. There’s no stopping you.

Saturday and Sunday are full of fun times, fresh food, exciting activities, and a fit, healthy you who has everything you need to thrive.

One of the great features is that with Monthly Pass, you pay one time per month. The payment is automatically deducted so you don’t have to pay as you go to meetings. Attend as many meetings as you’d like. You just need to show your pass. All of the online tools you need are available 24-7, as is your mobile app. You’ll never have to worry that you’ll lack inspiration or motivation because everything is at your fingertips. The Monthly Pass is your golden ticket to health and even greater weight loss success.

Please note, Monthly Pass is available in participating areas only. Click on the link below to find out more.

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