What Is The Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit? How Much Weight Can You Lose Per Week?

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Effective Dec 26 2009, Nutrisystem is offering the Jumpstart Kit for a limited time. A program for men and women that can greatly help those who are looking to jumpstart their way in a healthier lifestyle.

The purpose of the Jumpstart Kit is to help people lose weight safely, fast and with minimum effort. The goal is to get you off to a great start without  having to change your life’s busy schedule. There is no calories or points to count or meetings to attend. It is a no-brainer.

Nutrisystem's Jumpstart Kit is specially designed to put you on the fast track to weight loss success. It is a very well structured meal plan that spans 28 days. The kit consists of hunger-fighting foods and support tools.

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit: The Food

There is a variety of foods that can satisfy almost anybody’s taste buds. Over 160 perfectly portioned foods. Foods that most likely you will love… like Double Chocolate Muffins, Buffalo Chicken Wraps and Chololate Rainbow Delights!

The food can help you:

  • Normalize your glucose levels because it contains carbohydrates with low glycemic index.
  • Feel full for longer periods of time because it is rich in protein
  • Promote heart health because it contains soluble fiber. The Jumpstart Kit features New FlavorFulls Fiber drinks

While on the Nutrisystem Jumpstart you enjoy multiple small meals throughout the day. This minimizes the usual cravings that people experience between the meals. In addition it keeps the metabolism high and makes the body burn strong.

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit: The Support

The support tools will help you:

  • Stick to your plan by receiving free 24/7 private and personal weight loss coaching
  • Track your progress with Nutrisystem’s free weight loss trackers
  • Get motivation and support from others as you engage in challenges, community discussions, and blogs, and most importantly,
  • Achieve long-term weight control through the Mindset Makeover program which Nutrisystem offers for free to all participants. This program helps you learn essential behavioral skills to keep the weight off for life.

How Much Will I Lose With Nutrisystem’s Jumpstart Kit?

Studies show that women who follow Nutrisystem’s program drop over 2 clothing sizes. A survey conducted by the National Business Research Institute in August 2009 compared Nutrisystem customers to self-dieters. Those who followed the Nutrisystem plan lost an average of 30 pounds in 18 weeks (1.7 lb/week) whereas those who dieted alone lost 20 pounds in 13.5 weeks (1.5 lb/week).

Nutrisystem claims that 9 out of 10 Men who try its program conclude that it is the most convenient, the easiest to stay on and the easiest to follow diet plan they have ever experienced.

For more information about the Jumpstart kit visit Nutrisystem

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