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Coconut Water: The New Sports Drink?

Coconut water may not sound like the manliest type of fitness beverage, but it is producing very “manly” results. It’s hard to ignore the newfound prevalence of coconut water in the fitness industry. Even the most casual observer can see that it’s cropping up everywhere from Green Food Co-Ops to your gas station reach-in fridge.

Many people have a bad taste in their mouths (literally and figuratively) about the current state of “sports” drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. They have been found time and again to just be glorified sugar water and can potentially set back your fitness goals, rather than help you achieve them. Coconut water is a solid replacement for sugary sports drinks that will help you keep going on the field and help you keep your waistline in check.

Coconut Water to Be?

What is good about coconut water?

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Three Apps That Will Help You Stay Active...Or Else!

Don’t have a workout partner to keep you motivated and in the gym? No problem. Just use your smartphone. You’re probably no stranger to fitness apps. They have been around as long as smart phones have. Apps can be great tools for tracking your progress and fitness levels, but have been missing a crucial component: motivation. True motivation. Most fitness apps have some sort of cursory form of motivation, like “cheers” that are broadcast through your social networks, but if you don’t run, there isn’t much of a consequence, at least not through the app.

There are three promising apps that you should definitely check out if you need a little extra boost in the fitness department. They’re called:

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