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Weight Loss Surgery Cards - Are You Ready to Get "Bariatric"?

A “Bariatric Restaurant Card” is a card the size of a business card, usually laminated, provided to post-bariatric patients by surgeons. The card usually says:

"The person who presents this card has had a bariatric surgery which has permanently reduced their stomach capacity. Therefore… It is greatly appreciated if you would allow them to order from the children’s menu or to purchase half-sized adult entrees. Thank you for your consideration."

Bariatric surgery is becoming a more popular approach to managing obesity, with hundreds of thousands of Americans now electing to have the procedure each year. The surgery involves either the use of a medical device called a gastric band, which reduces the size of the stomach, the removal of part of the stomach, or the rerouting of the small intestines to a pouch in the stomach (known as gastric bypass surgery). Bariatric surgery may seem like an extreme method to dealing with obesity, but indications are that it works.

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