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Anyone who has struggled with a series of diet programs will gradually come to understand that the root of any weight problem resides in the mind. After all, our minds tell the rest of the body what to do, including eating too much.

This is exactly what Rosa addresses in "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD". She understands the reasons why people overeat or eat the wrong foods, and will help you to overcome these problems.

This CD will help you to ‘think thin’ and depend on healthy, nutritious food. You will learn that you don’t need food for comfort or reassurance, either, and will also learn how to approach food as a thin person would.

How Does "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" Work?

Rosa Smith-Montanaro uses the power of suggestion to teach you to relax, accept yourself, and avoid the wrong foods. The CD will be valuable just from it’s ability to enable you to let go of everyday tensions, but as you enter a trance state, your mind will be much more susceptible to the positive suggestions included in "Weight Loss with Hypnosis".

The process is safe and easy, and calls upon the natural power of your own mind to help you. This CD does not call upon you to buy expensive or unpalatable food, either; it will simply readjust how you react to the foods you presently eat.

What Are Others Saying - Does "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" Really Deliver?

A regular weight loss program simply was not working for Cathy S., a small weight loss would be followed by another gain. Fortunately, she has found that "Weight Loss with Hypnosis" has really helped to change her outlook and says, “Being an emotional eater, I haven't been 'needing' food or, sweets mostly, to get through my day.” This CD has helped to ‘reprogram’ her mind towards a healthier way of life.

Keeping her weight where it should be is important to Laura A. Leonard, and she has found this CD helps do just that. "Weight Loss with Hypnosis" has meant that this woman has been able “to keep my weight the same as the day I was married! 18 years & 3 children later!” Laura is an emotional person, but this CD helps her smooth over the rough spots and get through them without eating.

The voice of the person on any hypnosis tape is important, if you find it grating or unattractive in any way, it will be more difficult to enter a trance state. The voice of Rosa Smith-Montanaro was very pleasing to Jeswaff, who states, “Ms. Montanaro's voice is soothing and relaxing. Her voice is the most pleasant voice of any of the many hypnosis programs I listened to.” Overcoming emotional stress was the problem, and it seems to have been solved by this CD.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

"Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" can result in fast weight loss. After listening to the CD for only a week or two, many people have lost 4 or 5 pounds. I would imagine that the longer anyone uses this CD for weight management, the more weight they will lose.

This CD also seems to be an excellent way to maintain a proper weight, too. As an exercise program is included with this CD, a combination of behavior control and exercise should help with getting rid of excess fat.

Pros and Cons


  • This CD can help you to gain more control over your impulses to eat unwisely
  • The soothing voice of Rosa helps you to enter a trance state easily.
  • Helps the listener to relax, then gives plenty of suggestions to retrain eating habits.


  • A few people thought the program did nothing.
  • The voice of Rosa Smith-Montanaro was irritating to a few people.

Problems and Complaints

Although most of the people who bought "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" felt it was a great way for them to manage their weight loss, there were some who simply did not like it.

Several people did not like Rosa’s voice and felt the CD proceeded at too slow a pace. The repetitions necessary to enter a hypnotic trance state irritated one person. There was too much time spent on relaxation and not enough on suggestions, according to another.

Can "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" Teach You To Have A Better Attitude?

Being able to understand why you are overeating is a way to deal with a weight problem permanently. No restrictive diet will work in the long run if the reason you are eating too much is not remedied.

"Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" can definitely help you to take a different look at food and why you eat it. Being able to break free of the ‘comfort food’ syndrome will almost guarantee that your ability to lose weight and keep it off is assured.

How Does "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" Rate Overall?

This weight loss program was generally very well received by those who bought it. This is reflected in the 4.1 out of 5 stars rating "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" was given on Amazon. This CD provided the motivation and encouragement needed for healthy weight loss.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD"?

The best place to buy "Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD" is on Amazon. Buy this product at a 60% discounted price. Besides the main CD, you will also receive a CD that will help provide an excellent program to be used with association with your weight loss plan. Following the programs in these CDs can help you to get the shape you want. There is no better place than Amazon to find information about this product. Read more reviews here.


Good article, I have listened to Rosa Smith-Montanaro in the past and thought it was well done. Weight Loss with Hypnosis is becoming ever more popular nowadays and rightly so. Have you wrote about the hypno gastric band yet or studied the results? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it...

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