Weight Loss Using Whole Body Vibration Equipment

How do I burn my calories? Few months ago, while looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I have gained substantial weight and need to do something about it. This has been caused by my irregular binging and lack of exercise.

It is difficult for me to spare time from my busy schedule and go to the gym or join any health care center or popular diet programs. Every woman wants to look slim and attractive. I always want to look good and fashionable but, due to my overweight problem. I look fat and was unable to wear short dresses like others. This was embarrassing. I tried many weight loss pills to look slim and attractive.

At last, I could not achieve what I desired. After mulling over it for a few days, I thought about installing some exercise equipment at home so that I can work out in my free time. The most difficult question I was facing that time is which weight loss equipment is the best that helps to achieve my desired goal.

After doing some research I came across one such equipment that helps to keep the body in shape and wanted to try it out. It’s the whole body vibration machine and can be available from a number of vendors. I tried the one from Hypervibe but there are other available as well. This machine is one of the most efficient means in the fitness and rehab world.

It is one such product that helps to meet the ever changing demands of the person. I have now worked with it and have experienced some great benefits in my body weight. It brings an amazing flexibility and maintains a complete balance in the body. It has helped to increase blood circulation in the whole body from head to toe. This equipment has proved a boon for me. The vibration therapy helps to tone the muscles.

It is safe and convenient to use and according to my experience even a child can use of it effectively without any danger. One can exercise sitting or lying down, this exercise equipment offers lot of benefits in several ways to improve the quality of one's life.

My experience has been positive and I have shared it with my friends and colleagues. I have lost weight more than my expectations. Before using this equipment I was at 90 plus kg. The results are amazing; I lost 20 kg by just spending 10-15 minutes daily on it. My friends and colleagues are surprised at the results and the new slimmer self has increased my confidence. Along with weight loss, my energy levels are up and as a whole I feel better and relaxed.

I made certain changed in my diet as well and instead of heavy meals, I shifted to small quantities at regular times in the day with very less carbs and only the required amounts of proteins.

Now I feel more confident. This method of exercise and equipment has not only helped me to bring my body back to shape but i can experience a healthier life than before. Moreover I am able to wear shorts now. Overall this has been an effective method of weight loss.

About the author: Catherine Jones writes for http://www.toyotaplace.com. She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

whole body vibration

The most common application of WBV has been to attempt to improve physical performance in athletes and younger adults by enhancing muscle activity

vaibration machine

I like to know the cost?

Matthew's picture

Vibration Machine Cost

Hi Kenneth,

Amazon consistently has Vibration Machines available at discounted prices. Take a look.

This is one of the best

This is one of the best equipment I have seen. I should try this once in a while. Thanks mate!

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