Weight Loss Tongue Patch Surgery Review - Does It Work?

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Many people who seek weight loss surgery are more than 100 pounds overweight. Their typical options are traditional surgery such as gastric bypass, or the much less invasive laparoscopic gastric band surgery. However, even the less invasive laparoscopic surgery requires a few days to heal and does not come cheap.

Weight loss programs aim (in one way or another) at creating a calorie deficit by  helping you eat less and/or exercise more. Those who are inspired by the idea of being  painfully forced (in a way that does not pose significant risk) to eat less, and are ready to kiss regular food good bye for a month in order to lose up to 30 pounds, may consider the Tongue Patch.

Dr. Chugay of Beverly Hills Offers Newest Weight Loss Procedure Called the Tongue Patch

A new device which is being used by Dr. Chugay of Beverly Hills is called the tongue patch and it takes less than an hour to do the procedure.

How Does The Tongue Patch Work?

The tongue patch is a relatively small mesh patch, about the size of a stamp. As soon as the patch is sewn in, the patch prevents people from eating solid food. Dr. Chugay works with his patients to make sure that the liquid diets they must stay on for 30 days consist of high vitamin and mineral content. Some people say that the patch not only makes it hard to eat solid food, but that it is quite painful if you do.

Rapid Weight Loss with New Tongue Patch – How Much Will You Lose?

For the patients who have had the tongue patch put in, it has resulted in rapid weight loss, with some patients losing up to 30 pounds in one month. According to Dr. Chugay, the patch should only stay in for one month, and then be removed for safety reasons.

One patient of Dr. Chugay was noted as saying that she had been unable to successfully stay on any diet. Once the patch was applied she said that she had pain and difficulty talking for two days, but after that as long as she stayed on the liquid diet she was pain free.

Pros and Cons of Tongue Patch


  • One of the benefits of the tongue patch is that it is totally reversible. It is not a permanent procedure.
  • It has minimal complications. If a patient were to have complications it is easy to remove, even if it needs to be removed prior to the 30 days.
  • Another benefit of the tongue patch in comparison to other weight loss methods is that it is much faster, and much less expensive. The operation takes 10 minutes.


  • You have to give up solid food, totally!
  • It hurts the first 1-2 days.
  • Unless your liquid diet is very balanced and strictly monitored by your doctor, you are facing the risk of developing nutritional deficiency.

New Tongue Patch for Weight Loss Receives Some Criticism

There are some who are uncomfortable with the idea that the patch causes pain. Some think that physical pain as a component of behavior modification is unethical. There is also the reality that a person who has overeaten for a good deal of their life will quickly revert back to that behavior and regain all of the weight lost once the patch is removed.

Since the tongue patch is relatively new, there is no long term data or statistics to show what may happen to a patient after having the patch removed. Although there are numerous approaches to weight loss, no one way works for everyone. What is known is that with weight loss a person enjoys a better quality of life including potentially getting rid of diabetes, lowering high blood pressure, no longer having sleep apnea, and even having a better self image.

Tongue Patch

This is the first time I see someone writing about this subject in a more objective manner. Most blogs and articles have made up their mind the second they heard tongue patch and are sarcastic and or bashing it. In here it's presented for what it is with its pros and cons and most importantly, why people could take this option without severely judging them.

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