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Lose Weight with just a pair of Hiking Boots and a Backpack

People go to great lengths – to extremes, even – just to lose weight. Sometimes, their chosen method works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some get fast results; for others, it may take months before the desired effects become apparent. But sometimes, it is better to keep things simple. It is, after all, the small things that are often overlooked. Take hiking, for instance. It’s not as complicated as other sports or weight-loss regimens. However, you will be surprised how this simple activity could give you so many benefits when it comes to losing weight, and even more.

Hiking on Any Day Keeps the Pounds Away

It is simple enough. Make hiking a regular habit and watch all that excess weight disappear. Here are some points to ponder about how hiking can affect weight loss.

25 Tips to Lose Abdominal Fat and Tone Your Body

If you follow proper exercises and eat healthy, you will remain fit and look great for life. Abdominal fat has become one of the major worries for most people and often struggle to figure out different ways to lose belly fat and tone their body.

In order to simplify lives, there are 25 effective tips given below on how to lose belly fat and tone your body. If you put in best of efforts to follow these tips, you will certainly succeed to lose abdominal fat and have a perfect shaped figure in no time.

1. Start your day with a glass of warm water along with lemon and honey. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as it increases the metabolism level in the body.

2. Having green tea in the morning helps as it acts as natural caffeine and also helps in keeping your body active.

3. Try to avoid sugar as much as possible and use honey as a substitute for sugar.

4. Engage yourself in cardiovascular workouts for thirty minutes daily as it keeps your body active and helps in losing belly fat effectively and tones up your body as well.

5. Instead of eating three large portioned meals, have 6 small portioned meals as it helps in quicker digestion.

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A Summer Fat Stripping Routine Any Couch Potato Can Do - Going Back to the Basics

I have a secret that probably 99% of this audience will relate to: I used to be a coach potato. A very proud couch potato that shrugged off summer. Who needs to look good? That's for the young boys. I'm older now, with a family and a lot of things to do ...right? Abs are for the young crowd...right?

My Epiphany

I realized that health, more than anything else, is worth fighting for. It's not that anything major happened to me -- I just got tired of walking past the mirror and feeling like there was a second blob attached to me for life.

You've been there, I'm sure, so you know what I mean. Well, I like to get scientific. You know that annoying guy that's always telling you facts, figures, and alternate viewpoints? That's me.

I have a feeling that there are actually a lot of people that are in my shoes. They're dreaming about a better body, but they might not be sure how to go about it. SO I decided to create a kick start program, broken down into zones, that really focuses on giving you the type of lifestyle where fat burning is just part of the program.

A Few Differences

This isn't about a crash diet. I don't believe in those. I yo-yo dieted for years and gained so much belly fat I feel like my belly has its own zip code. But this isn't about me; it's about you. So let's go!

The Simplest Easiest Way to Lose Weight and Satisfy the Poor Old Ego

I had to face facts. I have a big ego and my gut was the only thing about me that was bigger, so to get my ego off my back the gut had to go.

I had tried various diets and even bought a ridiculous exercise machine off the internet, that of course was going to turn my ailing 46 year old body into the action man that was on the TV swinging gracefully on his ab machine – not.

Then I noticed a friend had markedly lost weight and asked what he’d done, the answer was surprisingly simple, he’d cut sugar out of his diet. He told me the name of the book, Sweet Poison and the author, David Gillespie and I was straight onto the internet and bought the book.

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Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Many of us today that have extra weight or fat to lose usually want to cut right to the chase. Instead of fully grasping all accompanying aspects of this subject, many just want to learn or find out one or two special tricks or methods and then stick to them. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, when it comes to weight loss, it isn't.

If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off you’ll have to become pretty savvy in several areas of health in order to achieve such rapid losses. Also, a better understanding of regular weight loss should be comprehended prior to rapid weight loss methods.

Fasting and Smoothie Dieting Plans

A fasting diet is literally the fastest way to lose weight. Many assume that a fasting diet means not eating anything for days on end, but this certainly is not the case. Fasting programs and plans break up light eating into small increments scheduled throughout your week. However, I wouldn’t recommend a fasting diet to anyone that has a busy, energy zapping, and hectic schedule. This approach can be best applied more on one’s downtime.

"Why Can't I Lose Weight" - 4 Reasons You Don't See the Desired Results

Hello there stranger! Today we are going to have a look at what might keep your away from the desired results. It might be that you don’t lose weight at all or you’re just unhappy with the weight loss pace. So let’s start!

The Snack Attack

Often times, especially when you see some results, you are tempted to cheat. You know what I’m talking about. A small chocolate bar, just a glass of soda, a little piece of cake and so on. You say to yourself “50 grams won’t do any harm” so you indulge yourself. The problem is that you do this and then repeat this though many times until the box of chocolate bars is empty, the walls of the soda pet are dry and the cake isn’t there anymore.

Why to avoid this kind of behavior? For two reasons:

The first and most obvious reason is that your weight loss diet turns all of a sudden into a weight gain diet so to speak.

Weight Loss Tips for Nurses

Nurses are on their feet for many long hours every day. It is important to keep the weight off in order to fit in your uniform, but also to look good as a health professional and to be comfortable on your feet. It your feet and legs have to carry a lot of weight around every day, you are bound to suffer from back pain. Here are some great tips to lose weight as a nurse.

It is important to be comfortable in your nursing uniform

In order to be comfortable in a nursing uniform, nurses should take care of their weight. Nursing is a rather active type of work, and it is important that nurses are mobile. While dieting is regarded as a bad word for many people, perhaps the focus should shift to healthier eating choices. It is best to eat a well-balanced diet so that you get all the nutrients required to perform your duties.

Burn more calories

Nurses are in the fortunate position that the nature of their work helps them to burn calories throughout the day. If you still have a weight issue, then you need to find ways to burn more calories in order to fit into your nursing uniform. Waking up a little earlier each day to fit in some light exercise will go a long way towards this.

How to Retrain Your Brain for Weight Loss Success

The battle against the bulge is a battle most people have encountered at least once in their life. Between the holidays, the food advertisements, and fast food joints on every corner, you can see why this can be an issue. When one is ready to slay their bulge, they are usually advised by many to exercise, count calories, and make healthier food choices.

However one important aspect of weight loss is usually left out and that is the brain. The brain plays an important part in weight loss success and there are many techniques that one can do to help retrain the brain for weight loss success.

What role does the brain play when it comes to managing weight loss?

If you think about it, our brains have been programmed unbeknownst to us to correlate food and certain activities, or to eat in certain situations, or to tell us to eat when we are feeling stressed, sad, happy or any other emotion. The following are some situations in where I felt like I had to eat even if I was not hungry

  • birthday parties
  • staff meetings
  • at 9 am for breakfast, and 12 pm for lunch

I also developed a bad habit of eating when feeling the slightest bit stressed. When I became a holistic nutritionist however, I learned how to reprogram my brain through a myriad of techniques.

Easy Exercises That Reduce Belly Fat

An accumulation of fat around the waistline has been shown to increase the risk for chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. Commonly known as belly fat, the fat around the waist differs from the normal layer of subcutaneous fat that protects the body from cold and injury. Belly fat is visceral fat, extending deep into the body and interfering with internal organs.

Research has found that belly fat secretes hormones that may be damaging to the body. When stomach fat is excessive, these secretions can impair cardiovascular functioning, blood glucose balance, and increase estrogen levels in the body.

Sensible Diet and Routine Exercise – Best Way to Reduce Belly Fat

The best way to reduce belly fat is by combing a sensible diet and routine exercise. Making long-term changes in food consumption and activity levels not only reduces belly fat, but also increases one’s overall well-being and stimulates healthy weight loss.

Successful diets are ones that do not lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting with quick weight loss and eventual weight gain. They are diets that promote slow, steady weight loss. Combining a healthy dieting plan with the following exercises ensures the reduction of unsightly and potentially dangerous belly fat.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits in Children – Top Tips for Parents

Almost all children are fussy eaters. With hoardings of hamburgers and pizzas flooding the streets everywhere, it’s a big challenge for parents to get them to eat healthy food nowadays. Parents thereby need to switch to some smart tricks that go a little beyond the usual “hiding healthy vegetables in tasty food” trick.

News reports often discuss about low activity and poor nutrition in children that are a result of deteriorating eating habits of kids. While educating innocent minds about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables may help a little but the key to actually getting them to eat them willingly is, to make them enjoy their food. It probably isn’t as easy as it sounds but here are a few innovative tips that health experts swear by:

Lead by Example

Parents must learn to incorporate healthy eating habits themselves before they expect their children to follow suit. Getting children to eat broccoli when someone else in the house is having a cheese burger treat will never work.

Encourage Children to Pick Their Own Vegetables and Participate in Cooking

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