Weight Loss That Lasts by James M. Rippe M.D. Review

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Successful dieting is a lot like running a marathon: it’s easier to talk about than actually do. And once we do start, more of us drop out before the end of the race than actually complete it. I know that for me personally, I have had little success with dieting. It’s not for lack of trying: I’ve read about or actually tried most of the major weight loss plans out there today.

So, as a person with a long history of attempted weight loss, any book which claims to have the answer for real, sustained weight loss in the long term will have my full attention. Weight Loss That Lasts makes just that claim, and has the backing of industry leader Weight Watchers.

How Does Weight Loss That Lasts Work?

To understand how this book works, I researched the basic premise of author James Rippe, M.D. Rippe begins with his personal stories of weight loss, then explores what he refers to as the “myths of weight loss.” By exploring and attempting to understand the causes of common misconceptions about weight loss, Rippe leads readers to a more honest place in the weight loss journey.

In addition to discussing the various misconceptions or “myths” about weight loss, tools and strategies for overcoming these challenges are also included.

Does Weight Loss That Lasts Really Deliver?

Weight Loss That Lasts is set up in a format that should offer something for everyone. Chapters are organized by problem. For example, a few examples are chapters on what to do if "you can't lose weight and keep it off," or a sentiment that should be helpful to some of us, "you can't lose weight with exercise alone."

Amazon.com reviewer Jennifer M. Moore refers to the book "as providing the “real science” behind weight loss". For readers who have tried the trendy diets and failed to achieve lasting weight loss, Weight Loss That Lasts could deliver the goods!

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

If you fit the demographic I described above, this book may well be the extra boost needed to make long-term weight loss stick. Many reviewers reported positive results from using the techniques and tips presented in Weight Loss That Lasts. Additionally, as it is backed by the professional reputation of Weight Watchers, the book carries additional weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides an easy to understand, science-based approach to weight loss.
  • Well-organized into easy to read chapters.
  • Avoids the problems found in fads trend diets, which can cause “yo yo” weight loss.
  • The author is a renowned expert in the field of weight loss and has the backing of Weight Watchers.


  • Some reviewers found the book to be a lengthy sales pitch for joining Weight Watchers.
  • Many of the information bout weight loss exposed in the book may already be common sense to some readers.
  • Some reviewers found the book lacking in scientific evidence and facts.

Problems and Complaints

Most Amazon.com reviewers rated Weight Loss That Lasts favorably. However, negative reviewers were prone to complain about a lack of technical detail. Readers such as S. Destofino noted that "portions of Weight Loss That Lasts did not live up to the book's subtitle, failing to provide adequate scientific backing for claims made by the author". But by and large, readers found the book to be a helpful tool in their weight loss arsenal.

Is Weight Loss That Lasts Better Than Other Diet Books?

To be honest, this is not your average diet book. It is not pitching a new diet plan, product, or fitness regimen. However, it could be more useful than most diet books to those of us who have tried many trendy weight loss plans and failed.

Personally, I know that diets which require extensive preparation, calorie deprivation or confusing meal planning don’t work for me. I’m intrigued to better understand the science behind weight loss, and that is just what Weight Loss That Lasts is selling.

How Does Weight Loss That Lasts Rate Overall?

Amazon.com reviewers gave Weight Loss That Lasts a 4.5 star rating out of 5 possible stars. On balance, reviewers said that the book offers a logical, science-based approach to the difficult to understand subject of weight loss.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for Weight Loss That Lasts by James M Rippe, M.D.?

Weight Loss That Lasts is currently available for purchase on Amazon.com, where you can also read the reviews for yourself. Buy this product with a 16% discount. It is also eligible for free “Super Saver” shipping with orders over $25. You can read more reviews here.

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