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Gastric Bypass And Alcoholism: Trading Food For Alcohol

More and more studies are showing that those who have weight loss surgeries may end up with another addiction after their surgery. Medical experts state that between 5 and 30% of patients who undergo gastric bypass operations will switch from an addiction to food to something else. This is known as addiction transfer and the most common swaps involve alcohol, smoking, gambling, shopping, and exercise.

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Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

The decision to investigate weight loss surgery procedures is a serious one that should not be taken lightly or made in haste. The implications are far reaching and will affect every aspect of a patient's life. The recover time is extensive and complications can result such as a dramatic loss of weight and infections. As you and your physician may agree that surgery is necessary it would be helpful to know the procedures that are used. Below is short outline of the categories available.

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No Scar Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss First Time Patients.

Incisionless bariatric surgery for weight loss is now being performed in the United States on patients who have not had prior weight loss surgeries performed. In the past, these types of less invasive operations were only performed on people who had already had previous gastric bypass procedures.

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Understanding Weight Loss Surgery Options: Making The Choice Easier!

Traditionally, the recommended ways to combat abnormally high weight or obesity include practices such as dieting, exercising and taking supplements or pills. However, these methods are not always completely effective for everyone, especially for those who are excessively obese. There are various weight loss surgery options available today.

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