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Strax Rejuvenation is Offering Lap Band Surgery in South Florida

One third of the US population is now clinically obese, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Obesity is not simply a problem of being overweight or of looking unattractive; it’s also the precursor to many severe health problems and early death for the majority of sufferers.

While weight loss plans and programs abound in the US, not one has been successful in curbing the increasing incidence of overweight and obesity, and associated diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. These medical problems aren’t just a concern for the sufferer; they also cost the health system millions of dollars a year.

Is Lap-Band Surgery A Good Option?

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Realize My Success: A Post-Operative Support Tool For Gastric Bypass And Sleeve Gastrectomy Patients.

Many post-operative weight loss surgery patients find it hard to keep up with their follow up plan. Some of them often revert into their bad eating habits, neglecting to take their vitamin supplement pills, and wind up in serious weight gain issues within the first few years. That is why Ethicon Endo-Surgery created the Realize Band Weight Loss Surgery Program.

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New Lap-Band Bariatric Surgery In San Francisco

More and more overweight people are turning to surgical options to assist with their weight loss efforts. As the obesity problem in the United States and other Westernized countries continues to grow, many people are finding that traditional diets don’t work for them, and turn to surgeons for help.

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Is Bariatric Surgery Safe? Risks Are Pretty Low Clinical Research Finds

A new study suggests that the risk of death is 0.3% and the chance of serious complications is 4.3% (across the board for different types of bariatric surgery). This is much less than it has been previously reported.

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Lap-band Success – What Does It Take?

Dr. Rachael Keilen and Dr. Ron Hekier from the Weight Loss Surgery Channel explain what it takes for a patient to experience Lap-band success.

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Duodenal Switch Complications After Surgery As Reported By Post-op Patients

As with any other medical documentation, this is merely a list of what I have found and this is not a complete list of what could happen. Always talk to your doctor any time you feel that you may be experiencing an unusual side effect from an operation.

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Weight Loss Surgery Prior To Pregnancy Leads To Thinner Children Study Finds

A recent study has shown that obese women who undergo bariatric surgery prior to pregnancy actually have thinner children than women who don’t. This suggests that weight loss surgery can actually break the cycle of obesity in families.

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New Weight Loss Surgery: Belly Balloon For The Non Too Obese

Weight loss for anyone is tough. For the people who are severely overweight there are surgical options such as the Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery that are designed to help patients at critical obesity levels lose a significant amount of weight.

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Duodenal Switch Before and After – A Powerful Testimonial

Several years ago Nat Villaire was just getting started on the road to Duodenal Switch, a weight loss surgery process. When he was first discussing this process, he was filled with questions and uncertainty. Thankfully, he found his way to a Yahoo! Group that had DS patients and survivors. The group’s members provided him with mounds of information and support about the surgery and coached him through the whole ordeal.

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Endoscopic weight loss surgery – Lower Risk, Quick Recovery

Endoscopic techniques gain more popularity due to the benefits they present in patient recovery and level of risk.

In recent years, surgeons of different specialties have started to use more and more endoscopic techniques. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. indicates in a new report that a growing number of healthcare organizations choose to perform endoscopic surgery. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, already benefits from its advantages.

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