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Weight Loss Surgery Risky Only in Super Obese or Chronically Ill Patients

Is Weight Loss Surgery Too Dangerous for Those Who Need it Most?

Bariatric surgery has offered renewed hope for thousands of people suffering from obesity and its many debilitating health consequences. In most cases it is a safe and effective procedure that can yield dramatic health benefits.

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Bariatric Surgery Protects Against Cancer and Infections - Another Health Benefit of Weight Loss Surgery

Aside from the limitations it can place on everyday life and leisure, obesity is well-known to be linked with many serious health problems—diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, risk of stroke. What may not be so well-known is that “Obesity is related to a higher rate of infections and some types of cancer.”

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Bariatric Surgery Harmful Effects: Bone Loss and Fracture

Obesity rates continue to rise, and more and more people are seeking and even being encouraged by their doctors to undergo surgery to reduce their weight. The potential benefits are widely recognized—the risk of diabetes, premature death, heart attack and stroke associated with obesity are all greatly decreased. But there is also a potential for some less desirable outcomes which may not be fully understood.

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Are Lap Band Surgery Dangers Being Underestimated?

14,000 people in Australia had lap band surgery in 2008.

In Australia, as in the U.S., obesity is reaching alarming levels across all classes and regions. People are increasingly turning to surgical intervention as a treatment. Any surgery entails some danger, and some fear that the full range of potential side effects and risks of these procedures may not be fully understood by prospective patients.

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Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston - Perfecting the Body After Weight-Loss Surgery

Anyone who has succeeded in the tremendously difficult challenge of losing a significant amount of weight—whether through diet and exercise alone or through the one of the various surgical weight loss methods now available—receives the immediate rewards of improved health and well-being, increased life expectancy, relief from a bunch of weight-related disabilities, and huge sense of personal accomplishment.

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Lap Band And Roux-en-Y Nutrition Guidelines By Western Bariatric Institute

The struggle against obesity gets a boost with safer surgery techniques. The Western Bariatric Institute located in Northern Nevada provides key information on Lap-Band and Roux-en-Y nutrition.

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REALIZE Lap Band vs Gastric Bypass: Differences in Nutritional Needs

Patients trying to choose which surgical weight loss method - gastric bypass, LAP-BAND or REALIZE Band - is most appropriate for them have important nutritional issues to consider, according to the experts at a New Jersey medical center which specializes in the treatments.

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Trudy’s Testimonial On Realize Adjustable Gastric Band

Realize Lap Band patient “Trudy” is excited about her success with her recent weight loss surgery and she has created a video testimonial for the Realize system, which you can watch on YouTube.

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Weight loss surgery For Teens: Can it Reverse Obesity?

Research shows that weight loss surgery for teens is not effective if their BMI’s (Body Mass Index) are in their 50’s or higher.

In the last decade weight loss surgery has been one of the most sought after procedures in the United States. This is in great part due to the fact that we have the largest obesity problem in the entire world. The saddest part of this is the fact that more teenagers are being diagnosed as overweight.

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Weight Loss Surgery Risks: Iron Deficiency

Weight loss surgery is one way many people choose to lose weight; Often, an iundesired outcome of this procedure is the inability of the patient's body to absorb iron. Lack of iron in the body is a problem after stomach bypass surgery and standard iron supplementation just is not enough to correct this issue for some patients.

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