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Private Insurance For Weight Loss Surgery Better Than Medicare, Study Finds

The degree of weight loss achieved after gastric bypass surgery,  and the  amount of postsurgical complications are related to the patient’s insurance policy, study finds.

A recent study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, shows that among all those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, people with private insurance tended to be more successful with their weight loss program.

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Bariatric Surgery Support Website by San Antonio Innova Hospital

Innova Hospital in San Antonio, Texas has seven bariatric surgeons working at their facility. It is a small hospital that has only nine private inpatient rooms.

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Testimonials of Weight Loss Surgery at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants

Texas Laparoscopic Consultants are experts in obesity treatment with minimally invasive surgery. They have helped many patients regain health and hope with their Bariatric Centers of Excellence program.

The following are accounts from five individuals who all have undergone weight loss surgery performed by Texas Laparoscopic Consultants. Each person has a different story but they all have the same commonality of success.

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Medical Tourism in Philippines Saves Weight Loss Patients Thousands

Medical Tour Experts, Inc. (MTE) is an American-Filipino company based in the U.S. that is promoting medical tourism to the Philippines. Their clients include patients who are looking to undergo weight loss surgery as well as cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

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How Has Bariatric Surgery Changed You? A Round Table Discussion

Six different men and women share their experiences before and after bariatric surgery. These stories are real life accounts about dramatic changes that have occurred due to surgery that has facilitated a more fulfilling, healthier and active lifestyle.

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Getting Pregnant and Giving Birth to Twins After Weight Loss Surgery

The following weight loss surgery success story was presented at Well-Beginnings, a bariatric program at Houston Northwest Medical Center.

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Best Bariatric Hospital in Albany, New York – Use of Da Vinci Robot

The Bariatric Surgery Center Network Accreditation Program has given their highest accreditation, a Level 1A facility, to Albany Medical Center’s bariatric surgery program.

Albany Medical Center is the only hospital in the Albany, NY area to get this accreditation. The designation signifies that the Albany Medical Center is capable of handling the most surgically complicated patients.

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No Scar, Single-Incision Weight Loss Surgery in Houston Offers Faster Recovery

Dr. Sherman Yu and Dr. Terry Scarborough are both doctors with Texas Laparoscopic Consultants in Houston. The practice has just celebrated doing 250 single-incision surgeries.

The single-incision bariatric surgery eliminates the need for multiple incisions such as how weight loss surgeries have been done in the past, typically having 5-6 one-inch incision sites.

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Top Weight Loss Surgery Hospital – Medford Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Weight Loss Surgery Hospital in MA Receives Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence Classification

If you are a candidate of adjustable gastric banding, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass you are surely looking for a top-ranked weight loss surgery hospital. One such hospital is the Hallmark Health’s Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford.

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Bariatric Advantage Review - Nutritional Supplements that Promise Benefits For Bariatric Patients

Few are aware that after undergoing weight loss surgery the body requires a diet that is specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of the post-operative period.

Since the body needs less food post-surgery (due to the reduced storage capacity of the stomach), it often times falls prey to inadequate nutrition or even severe malnutrition.

If one tends to consume the same foods that one consumed before undergoing surgical weight-loss only in lesser quantity, malnutrition and other disorders owing to nutritional deficiencies are bound to occur in the body. This is because with the decreased quantity of food, the nutrient intake is also considerably lowered.

That is why there is a need to consume foods that offer high nutrient content without compromising on the calorie count, which has to be low.

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