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Will My Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

A weight loss surgery may cost several thousand dollars. Can medical insurance cover the cost of bariatric surgery?

Those who have been through the process know that getting a physician's approval for weight loss surgery (i.e., bariatric surgery) can be challenging. Because of the risk of complications and the rare chance of death, doctors generally only give the nod for the surgery for:


  • Men who are about 100 pounds overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more
  • Women who are about 80 pounds overweight with a BMI of 40 or more or
  • Men and women with a BMI between 35 and 39.9 and a serious health problem connected to their obesity.

Even if a person meets these candidacy requirements, they must have tried to lose weight by all other means possible, and often must undergo a psychological evaluation and receive nutrition counseling.

Options and Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can save lives, especially in patients who are severely overweight and have obesity-associated diseases. Surgical options are only reserved for individuals who meet the candidate policies for each bariatric surgeon.

Often times, your general physician won’t even refer you to a specialist until you have shown documented proof of trying to lose weight with traditional methods. Some physicians even want patients to have had at least two full years of trying to lose weight, but failing, before you see a specialist.

Getting past your general physician is only one step though. Your bariatric physician might not suggest weight loss surgery as an option for your obesity. Maybe you didn’t meet the necessary BMI requirements or you at too much risk for bariatric surgery. But if you are suffering from obesity and are at a higher risk for diseases or co-morbidities - your physician will likely suggest bariatric surgery.

Options and Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

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UNJURY Protein Review: Most Recommended Whey for Bariatric Patients

UNJURY is a protein supplement developed by a registered clinical dietician. It comes in powder form with five flavor options: unflavored, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and chicken soup.

Unjury is designed for people who want to lose weight, seniors, pregnant women, cancer patients and people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Doctors usually recommended to bariatric patients.

How Does UNJURY work?

Studies show that protein satisfies hunger and leaves us feeling full longer. One serving of UNJURY contains 20 grams of protein. When we are less hungry, we eat less, and are better able to lose weight. The makers of UNJURY claim that whey protein satisfies hunger more efficiently than other sources of protein.

UNJURY is superior over other protein supplements because it is made from whey protein isolate, as opposed to the whey protein concentrate commonly found in similar products.

Apparently, whey protein isolate contains more highly concentrated protein, and less lactose than whey protein concentrate. This may make it a good option for people who are lactose intolerant.

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Dr Kim Bariatric Specialist Explains Gastric Sleeve Advantages and Disadvantages

Gastric sleeve has soared to popularity heights among other types of weight loss surgery. David Kim, a Dallas weight loss surgeon, explains how vertical sleeve gastrectomy is performed. In addition, he explains the advantages and disadvantages of this innovative weight loss technique.

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Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage: Questions You Should Ask, Things You Should Know

For some individuals, going through bariatric surgery is an easy decision. However, finding a way to finance it is a different story.  You need to work with an insurance company and that may be challenging. What are the available financing options?

Karen works for a bariatric surgeon and gives helpful information to consider and specific ways to get financing that some may have a hard time finding. Here is what Karen advises:

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Difficulties Facing Realize Band Patients: The Poor Diet Mentality

Weight loss surgery is supposed to produce results that fad diets and crash exercise routines do not; that is permanent weight loss. The surgery requires a lifestyle change in conjunction with the body’s inability to handle mass amounts of food. Dietician Beth explains the difficulties Realize patients face after surgery due to their poor diet mentality.

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Da Vinci Robotic Bariatric Surgery – Can a Robot Help You Lose Weight?

According to Channel-47 in Jacksonville, a medical breakthrough at a local hospital is making it safer and easier for overweight patients to go through surgery. The doctors report they are getting help with some new robotic assistance.

Ilyssa Trussel reports how going under the knife for open bariatric surgery can be frightening and sometimes risky. Imagine a procedure with fewer complications, less recovery time, and less pain. Now it’s possible at one local hospital all thanks to a robotic surgeon.

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Success Formula After Realize Band Surgery

The Realize band is made up of a strong and flexible silicone. The surgeon wraps the realize band completely around the upper part of the stomach. This creates a small pouch and a narrow passage to the lower stomach. The patient gets a feeling of fullness and so tends to eat less.

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Weight Loss Surgery Support in San Francisco by Pacific Laparoscopy

Pacific Laparoscopic located in San Francisco, California has re-launched their newly comprehensive website at paclap.com. The new website has information on all of the procedures available for weight loss, including the less invasive duodenal switch procedure. Dr. Rabkin, who is the Director, has over 30 years experience doing bariatric surgery.

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Top 5 Best (Most Promising) Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

WLS Help (wlshelp.com) is a website dedicated to providing the most current information available on weight loss procedures, including surgeries. Recently, the website listed its five most promising weight loss procedures in the fight against obesity. These five procedures include:

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