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Results of Revisional Bariatric Surgery for Inadequate Weight Loss - Complications

Surgical treatment of clinically severe obesity has been proven to be an effective solution for long-term weight reduction. But as weight loss surgery rates are soaring, revisional bariatric operations are increasing as well. This is because simple gastric restrictive methods, such as adjustable gastric banding, vertical banded gastroplasty, and nonadjustable gastric banding often give rise to intolerable side effects or simply fail to control weight in the long run.

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Incisionless StomaphyX™ Technique Makes Revisional Surgery Safer, Easier

Weight-loss surgery techniques have made great progress since the early days, when as many as 50 percent of patients experienced complications and frequently needed repeat or “revisional” surgery after the initial procedure. But even with the strides that have been made in surgical methods, it’s still true that not all bariatric surgery leads to immediate or long-term success.

Sleeve Gastrectomy As A Revisional Approach For Failed Adjustable Gastric Banding

A recent study by Emeka Acholonu and colleagues at The Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Department of General & Vascular Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Florida) reviewed data from 15 previously com

Lap-Band As A Revisional Procedure For Failed Vertical Gastroplasty

A recent study, conducted by Vivane Thill and colleagues, examined the cases of 40 patients who underwent laparoscopic adjustable banding (LAGB) as a revisional procedure, in order to evaluate the feasibility, safety, and efficiency of converting failed vertical gastroplasty (VG) to laparoscopic adjustable banding (LAGB).

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