Weight Loss Surgeries for Teens

Obesity is now considered to be an epidemic problem which can lead to some serious health conditions. It appears that, weight loss surgery is now recognized to effectively treat obesity amongst teenagers. Researchers have also found out that these surgeries are more proficient than the nonsurgical alternatives.

The treatment of obesity amongst the teenagers should be a national concern since obesity can trigger other health issues such as cardiac disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain and hypertension. Some doctors are hesitant to advise weight loss surgery, as an option for obesity treatment for teens but a lot of researchers are now coming out with the efficacy of the surgical procedures.

Growing Awareness of Bariatric Surgery

There has been a documented steady increase of obesity in teens, for that reason researchers and people’s interest in weight-loss surgery is growing too. With this verifiable truth, there will also be an increased demand for nutritional support, exercise physiology support and weight-loss surgeries.

According to bariatric surgeons, when adolescent patients have reached a bmi of over 35 and have failed at traditional weight loss methods, the only hope for a normal adolescent social experience is weight loss surgery.

Currently, highly trained laparoscopic bariatric surgeons coupled with ever improving medical technology and safety of surgical procedures minimizes the risks to patients. Full support and guidance from parents along with acceptance of the adolescent’s feelings is needed in order for a teenager to be successful in reaching his/her goal weight after the surgery.

When to Go In For Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery should be considered a desirable option if you are morbidly obese before you have serious co morbidities due to your weight. If a child has failed with regular diet and exercise for at least six months, under the supervision of a doctor, surgery may be considered. Choosing weight loss surgery takes courage, dedication and hard work, therefore, emotional support of family and friends is a very substantial component for the teenager to get through this stage in his/her life.

An example of a good weight loss surgery for teens is vertical sleeve gastrectomy, which involves the reduction of the size of the stomach, which allows the patient to significantly decrease the amount of food accommodated in his/her stomach, therefore turning off hunger.

For additional information, teens must also avoid getting pregnant for at least one year after undergoing the surgery, to avoid stretching of the stomach making the weight loss surgery useless.

Weight loss surgery will benefit the teenager allowing avoidance of secondary diseases due to obesity and it will also help build their self esteem. It will be able to give the adolescent the relief from hunger they need and the ability for the first time feel self-assured and confident in their own skin. They finally feel normal and fit into normal sizes, normal dating patterns, the normal world average weight people take for granted.

Is Bariatric Surgery Safer for Teens?

Some doctors even argue that it is indeed safer to conduct weight loss surgery on teens than adults because they still haven’t developed the obesity related problems like heart disease and high blood pressure, and so on which lowers risks in surgery.

Teens also heal faster than adults and adapt to their new lifestyle of daily exercise and learning to make wise choices with fewer problems than adults. Thus, with all the pros outweighing the cons, obese teens are promised a brighter future with better opportunities for a normal life if weight loss surgery is considered.

About the Author - Ron Elli is the author of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico a consumer guide on undergoing gastric banding surgery in Mexico. View medical disclaimer

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