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Mediterranean Diet Prevents Depression Study Finds

In the October issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the publications of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it is indicated that Mediterranean diet prevents the occurrence of depression. The Mediterranean diet is characterized by an abundance of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts as well as fish.

Wedding Weight Loss Workouts for Women: Pre-wedding workout plan

Terri Walsh, a celebrity trainer with a private gym in Soho, has developed an affordable way in which anyone can access her world class workout techniques. Through the downloadable eBook, 100 Weight Loss Workouts, women needing to lose weight before their wedding day or any other important life event can now take off that unwanted weight and keep it off.

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Is Atkins High Protein Diet Safe? Flies Live Longer In Low Protein Diet.

Flies that are being fed an "anti-Atkins" low protein diet live more because their mitochondria work better, a recent study suggests. The project, completed at the Buck Institute for Age Research, reveals that the molecular mechanisms that control longevity in flies can be useful for understanding the human aging process as well as diseases like cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

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Pros and Cons of Low Carb Diets – Does Atkins Work?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding weight loss, mostly brought about by the drastic differences between different diets, all of which are promoted as safe and easy, but few of which live up to their promises.

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Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets: Atkins (Low-Carb), Mediterranean or Low-Fat?

Choosing a diet can be difficult. With so many competing options, how can you decide which one will be best?

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Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets: Is the Macronutrient Ratio Important?

When it comes to losing weight, reducing your daily calorie intake is widely recognized as necessary. Does it matter where you get your calories, though?

Plenty of debate surrounds the question of what percentage of dieters’ daily calorie intake should come from each macronutrient. Macronutrients—fat, protein and carbohydrates—are the three sources of calories in food.

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Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Weight Loss Diets

Should you go low fat or low carb?  If you’re like most dieters, you’ve watched the trends swing back and forth a few times, and you might even have tried both programs, using trial and error to decide which is best.  You don’t have to be a diet guinea pig any more.  Researchers at Stanford University, led by Dr. Christopher Gardner, conducted a year-long study comparing the effectiveness and safety of a variety of low-carb and low-fat weight loss diets:  Atkins, the Zone, Ornish, and LEARN.

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Power Yoga And Weight Loss. A Healthy Way To Lose Weight

Many of us would probably not necessarily have thought that traditional yoga and weight loss would be in the one category. However, power yoga can help you with your weight loss program. You may not lose weight as rapidly as you would running around the jogging park, or hitting the gym, but you will still shed pounds. Better still, as the pounds slip away, your mind and body will also be benefiting from the well documented positives that yoga brings.

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Do Low Glycemic Foods Help Weight Loss?

You may have heard of this diet approach before (especially if you’re diabetic) or maybe you’re just hearing about it now. Truth is more and more doctors and nutritionists are getting on board and recommending a low glycemic diet as a way for people to control and lose weight. Why is that and how can low glycemic foods help you lose weight? Here’s the skinny on this topic.

General Motors Diet Plan for quick weight loss

It was tested at the Johns Hopkins Research Centre before being approved. It was supported on a grant from the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. And twenty five years later it was first floated; dieters will vouch that they have been able to lose as much as FIVE to SIX kilograms in just SEVEN days with the General Motors Diet Plan!

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