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Zumba Fitness DVD Set Review – Dance The Weight Off!

Set to the sounds of Latin music and made up of exercise routines that are extremely easy to follow the Zumba Fitness DVD Set says that it can help you dance the weight off. You will be listening to beats from meringue, cumbia, salsa and samba just to mention a few. At the same time you will be working off the pounds and getting into shape.

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Bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System Review

Revolutionary Bodybugg Personal Calorie Management System Rocks the World of Weight Loss

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Is A Low-Carb, Atkins-Type Diet Safe?

The Atkins diet isn't quite as often heard about these days, now that Hoodia and the Acai berry have made their way onto the scene. But some people still treat the Atkins diet as the diet bible, and if you're interested in trying it, you should know the pro's and the con's.

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How Do I Use The Weight Watchers Point List?

The Weight Watchers point list has been derided as being too strict by some, but it is a fairly easy tool to use, whether you're eating at home or eating out. With the two plan books (one for restaurants), you can easily see how many points you are eating per day, compared to how many you are allowed.

Even if you decide the Weight Watchers plan isn't for you, you can still use the points system to keep track of where you are and where you want to be. You will learn how to monitor your daily intake, and this helps you become accountable to yourself every day.

The Point list is simple to understand and use. Foods that are low in calories and high in fiber are given low point values. Foods high in calories and low in fiber have higher point values. One treat can really throw you off track, though, so you have to be careful not to “cheat”. One Starbuck's muffin may have six to ten points, and that blows your day right there. But if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead, those mostly have low points.

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What Is The Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit? How Much Weight Can You Lose Per Week?

Effective Dec 26 2009, Nutrisystem is offering the Jumpstart Kit for a limited time. A program for men and women that can greatly help those who are looking to jumpstart their way in a healthier lifestyle.

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Will the Diabetic Food Pyramid Work for You?

If you are diabetic, it's harder to lose weight, but it's also more important to keep your weight at a healthy level, and there's the catch-22. You will need to follow not only the rules of the diet plan you select, but also check with the ADA's diabetic food pyramid to make sure you are eating healthy foods that will lower your risk of diabetic complications.

The Mediterranean Diet and Heart Health

(The following is a guest post by Enrico Forte, President of the "National Board for the Preservation of the Italian Healthy Eating Traditions".)

For many who have tried the Mediterranean diet had found great success in both weight and health. This particular diet involves eating foods that are typically eaten around the Mediterranean Sea.

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Eco-Atkins Meat-Free Diet Promotes Weight Loss and Improves Cholesterol

When it comes to losing weight, not all dieters have the same needs and goals. For some, it is only the number on the scale that matters most. For others, with heart-related problems, getting better results in their blood tests is of great importance as well.

What should the proportion of fat, carbs and protein be so that you experience maximum weight loss and cholesterol-lowering effects from your diet?

How To Lose Weight And Get Bigger Muscles

Have you ever felt like you’re just spinning your wheels? That’s how I’ve felt after more than 16 years of only somewhat successful weight training. I’ve tried it all: supplements, gym memberships, cycling, swimming, training to failure…I won’t say I haven’t seen results, because I have, but you would think after 17 years I wouldn’t still be fighting the battle of the bulge.

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Why Does Atkins Work So Fast? A Study Of Obese Diabetics

It is generally recognized that people who choose weight-loss approaches based on lowering carbohydrate consumption can lose weight remarkably quickly. It’s not so generally clear why. Speculation has centered on the possibility that lower carbohydrates lead to less water retention, to a higher metabolism rate, or simply to boredom with eating due to the food restrictions.

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