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What Problems Are Experienced With SlimFast Optima?

Slim Fast diets are very popular, and the Optima diet is the cutting edge of Slim Fast's diet plans. It has shown successes with many people, but no diet program works for everyone. Otherwise, we'd only need one plan. There are some problems you may encounter if you use the Slim Fast Optima plan.

The Slim Fast plan has you substitute a Slim Fast “Meal on the Go” for one meal, and combine another with a bit of “regular” food, and then eat one sensible meal without a shake or bar. It sounds easy, but many people have found that the shakes don't taste good, they cost a lot, and you are always hungry.

The chocolate flavored shakes, some dieters have found, taste OK when you take your first few sips, but they have an after-taste that some people find distasteful. The aftertaste most people feel is the worst is after the chocolate flavor shake, and the least aftertaste is found from the cappuccino flavor shake.

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Tightening Loose Skin After Weight Loss – Post Weight Loss Cosmetic Surgery

An unfortunate consequence of losing weight for many is the excess, sagging skin that remains after the fat has gone. While losing weight alone is a great – and often sufficient – step towards improving one’s health and appearance, many people find that their post-weight loss bodies – especially when these bodies are the result of rapid weight loss - are not as attractive as they imagined, and their loose, sagging skin can interfere with their other goals in life.

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Are There Any Dangers with Herbal Weight Loss Products?

We know that diet “drugs” are dangerous, but many consumers believe that herbal anti-obesity products must be safe.  A 2009 study by a researcher from the Chinese University of Hong Kong published in the journal Drug Safety cautions that herbal anti-obesity products can have serious dangers.  Herbs touted for their weight loss benefits are not proven to be effective, and, warns researcher Thomas Chan, they could seriously harm your health.

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Schwinn Recumbent Stationary Bike Review - Good Exercise on a Laid-Back Bike

One of the most difficult things to do when a person has started an exercise routine is to actually get up and start working out. The first step in getting into shape is gathering the motivation to stand on your feet and start moving. Luckily, with a Schwinn recumbent stationary bike you don't have to actually stand on your feet to start moving. For years, exercise bikes have been perceived as a semi-lazy workout, and Schwinn makes that workout even lazier with their recumbent bike.

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