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"I Can Make You Thin" Review - Lose Weight With Paul McKenna

“I Can Make You Thin” is Dr. Paul McKenna's interactive program, aimed at changing the way your brain works around food, helping you adopt positive habits.

The CD is inspired from his hit TV show (in the UK) with the same name. Self-help doctor, Martin Russell, calls it a 'mind re-programming' CD, which he hands out to all patients who want to lose weight.

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Neck Genie Neck Line Slimmer Review

Are you searching for a painless way of losing the fat around your neck area? Many of us will kill for a slender neck. Now you don’t have to take such drastic measures because the Neckline Slimmer is here.

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Review: Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners (DVD) by Maggie Rhoades

Few exercises have been proven to relieve stress – both mental and physical - like yoga. Those of you who’ve had some sort of an experience with the art of yoga, will testify to the fact that it induces greater control over the mind and body. In this DVD, veteran Yogi, Maggie Rhoades, attempts to catapult your weight loss efforts by keeping you happily fixated on yoga exercises.

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Want To Walk Down the Plateau? Try Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners

Has that stubborn plateau been bothering you? If you are, or ever have been, on a weight-loss regime, and haven’t already hit the horrific standstill – those days, those weeks when your weighing scale doesn’t budge – you’ll be relieved to hear that you’re not alone and that this can be conquered.

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Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner Review

If you're trying to shed some pounds, the Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner may help you. This is a dietary supplement that includes 100 pure and powerful concentrated extracts of grapefruit, cinnamon, pomegranate, green tea, Tahitian fruit, cranberry & blueberry.

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Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board Review

The Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board is a unique workout system designed for use with the Nintendo Wii console. The system works by allowing the user to take part in a variety of physical activities while interacting with on-screen characters, locations and activities. It targets fitness, weight loss and balance through carefully designed and fun simulation games.

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Slim Fast Optima Ready-To-Drink Shake Review

If you are looking for a delicious meal replacement shake that can help you lose weight or maintain it, the Slim Fast Optima Ready To Drink Shake may work very well for you. These shakes come in twin packings of 12 each. The fat content Is 50% less than what it is in regular, creamy milk shakes by the same brand. These ones come packed with diet plans and a recommended exercise regime, to complement them.

How Is Slim Fast  Different From Regular Milk Shakes?

Most people who go on diet control or on any sort of routine to enable them to lose weight, ignore one important factor: the body still needs the nutrients. Starving it will mean that once you’re through with your plan, you’ll begin to regain all the lost weight. Slim Fast Shakes ensures that the body remains ripe and healthy, without the extra fat. The necessary carb content, however, is still there.

Nutritional Facts

These shakes keep the body nourished with lots of protein, 50% of daily calcium requirements, and 24 kinds of vitamins and minerals.

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Insanity: The Ultimate Cardio Workout and Fitness DVD Program

Insanity is the perfect name for this workout program. It is one that is the top of the list for giving you one of the best and hardest workouts that you will ever get. If you truly want to be the best that you can be for physically fit then this program will do it for you. Shaun T. has created a program that will challenge anyone and increase their fitness level.

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Hydroxycut Pros and Cons - Benefits And Risks

Hydroxycut Pros

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What Are the Pros and Cons of the Alli Diet?

The Alli diet has made believers of a great many people, but its side effects still scare some people away from trying the program at all. And that's fine – not every program is a fit for every person. Weigh the pluses and minuses to see if Alli can work for you.

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