Weight Loss Cardio Kick Review - Does it Work?

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Weight Loss – Cardio Kick is another DVD released by Acacia. Violet Zaki, a black belt holder in karate leads this weight loss video assisted by 2 background exercisers. Zaki is no stranger when it comes to this kind of video. Previously, she also did Weight Loss – Cardio Sculpt.

You don't need to be a karate belt holder to do this workout because the moves can be performed by normal average people.

What is the Cardio Kick DVD About?

What is the content of this video? Here is a snippet of the DVD.

Although the DVD cover says “2 20-Minute Fat-Blasting Workouts”, there are several different options for you to customize your exercise.

The Main Menu consists of Introduction (short introduction to the workout), Workout Options, Bonus Features, Video Clips from other Acacia production, and Credits.

Workout Options takes you to several submenus. First, if you pick Play All Option (51 min.) you’re gonna play 2 20-minute workouts in a row completed with Warm Up (5 min.) and Cool Down (6 min.) chapters. Those 2 20-minute workouts are

  • Power Sculpt - 20min
  • Drills & Combos - 20 min

You can select those 2 workouts individually with or without introduction by selecting other options in the same submenu.

Apparently, the warm up section is used by Zaki to introduce the punches and kicks used in this video. These include side jabs, front punches, hooks and upper cuts, lunge stretch, squat, front kick and rear kicks, chambers and round house kicks.

What Weights Will You Need?

To perform the workout, you will need two sets of weights. A light one (1-2lbs) and a heavy one (3-5lbs)

Power Sculpt

Power Sculpt comes first if you have chosen Play All option. The use of dumbbells is required but my advice is that you don’t use heavy ones (no more than 5 lbs). In general, Zaki uses the pattern “heavy weight – light weight – cardio blast” in this workout. The sequence is repeated several times during Power Sculpt. In the last 5 minutes, weight is no longer required and Zaki increases the cardio movements intensively.

Drills & Combos

Drills and Combos section doesn’t require weight. Simple punch – kick is introduced here. The combinations may look difficult but actually they’re all basic movements. Some of them are even fun to do.

Cool Down

The Cool Down section is inspired by Asian music as Zaki tells you to stretch every muscle group you have. Some moves are inspired by the ones we often see in yoga classes.

By the way, since exercise comes often in the same package with diet, this DVD also gives you a booklet of diet recipes from Cooking Light magazine. The pictures look tasty….

How Has Cardio Kick Been Rated?

Cardio Kick has received great reviews on Amazon. 89% of people who bought the DVD have rated it at least 4 out of 5 stars.

The exercises in this DVD are delivered very nicely. The moves inspired by kickboxing and other martial arts are so fun that won’t get bored easily and not to mention how simple and effective they are. Although weight is used, all exercises are focused on cardio with less strength training. Some people say that they got extremely sweaty doing this workout.

Will You Lose Weight? What Others Are Saying?

Yes, Cardio Kick is a great aerobic workout that can help you lose weight.

One reviewer lost two pounds the first two weeks without changing her diet. She only did the workout every morning 6 times a week. “Diet is the same, this took the weight off”, she says.

K. Rock from Florida says her arms look thinner and toned. “I have dropped some pounds” she says.

Zaki did a great job. Her instruction is straight to the point with perfect cue. She’s also very encouraging with her “you can do it, don’t give up” shout.

Pros and Cons


  • You will burn a lot of calories.
  • You will not get tired because Zaki stops every once in a while which allows you to catch your breath
  • Fun to do
  • Zaki gives very helpful instructions
  • Zaki is an expert and really knows what she does
  • Diet recipe included


  • Some beginners may find it difficult to follow the moves
  • The exercises require you have some decent space in your room
  • According to some, Zaki talks too much offering explanations and motivation which creates too many breaks


Some reviewers believe the workout is geared towards upper-intermediate exercisers. For them, , beginners may find it hard to do this exercise. One reviewer pointed that the set was too dark with not very good camera angle. It’s difficult to see what you are supposed to do.

Where Can You Buy Cardio Kick From?

Cardio Kick is available on Amazon at a discount.

This review was written by Cahyo Wijanarko, a passionate blogger residing in Indonesia. Right now he maintains Diabetic Diet Guidelines.


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