Weight Loss: Brain Wave Subliminal Review

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Brain Wave Subliminal is designed to help you eat and sleep healthy by appealing to your subconscious mind. Its tagline is pretty self-explanatory: “Unleash the Power to Slim Naturally!”

How Does The Brain Wave Subliminal CD Work?

Many people believe that our subconscious thoughts control our lives. If we accept that these thoughts drive many of our actions, then our subconscious mind can be our best ally or our strongest saboteur when it comes to achieving our goals.

In this audio CD, Kelly Howell is attempting to communicate subliminal messages to your brain. “Subliminal” means below the threshold of conscious perception. Kelly’s goal is to help you eliminate self-sabotage and unleash the creative power which is buried within your subconscious mind.

As Napoleon Hill, Tony Robins, and other “new age” and “law of attraction” proponents advocate, if you believe hard enough that you can achieve something, and if you communicate with clarity your target to your subconscious mind, then you will achieve it.

Kelly is using the power of suggestion. Through repetition of positive suggestions that are embedded in music that cannot be perceived by human ear, subliminal programming communicates certain messages to your subconscious. Your subconscious accepts these subliminal statements as true.

Do Subliminal Weight Loss Methods Work?

What Are The Subliminal Messages in Brain Wave Subliminal Audio?

The CD contains subliminal affirmations about loving yourself and choosing the right foods to eat. There is soft, calming piano music in the background. Naturally, without exerting any conscious effort, the messages help you change your eating and exercise habits.

One subliminal message is: “Every cell of my body exhibits an abundance of beauty and health; I relax into my perfect weight; I burn fat; I am active and full of energy.”

The audio CD runs for an hour, and the idea is for you to hear it repeatedly and frequently - perhaps on a daily basis, or on alternate days - till you start noticing healthy changes in your eating habits and patterns.

Brain Sync Corp suggests that brain synchronization is best managed when the CD is listened to with stereo headphones. This is not a product for people on the move - driving or in the subway. As reviewers will tell you, it makes you sleep so you better not risk it on the highway!

What Others Are Saying - Does The Brain Wave Subliminal CD Work?

Reviews are mixed and opposite. There are either people who love how the CD has worked for them - changing their eating habits and how they think about food (like craving salads after waking up rather than chocolate) - and then, there are some fierce critics who render it an utter waste of money and time.

Being a “believer” in the power of hypnosis or suggestion is kind of like an acquired taste. It really depends on which category you fall in for it to work or not work for you.

Will You Lose Weight?

Brain Wave Subliminal appears to work for the majority of those who tried it. Many discovered gradual and easy weight loss. And then there are some who found it ineffective.

C. Hampton decided to give it a whirl, although she is not a believer of “new agey” tricks. She was pleasantly surprised with the results:

“It's WORKING! I've been listening to the tracks for three weeks and I'm down 7.5lbs. I have lost my cravings for sweets and starches, even around the bad times of the month.”

Enoch and her husband saw great results, too.

“We listen to this CD every night & we started loosing weight by 30 days. My hubby lost about 15 pounds, I have lost 25 lbs. over a 5 month period naturally- without any conscious effort, kept it off, & still listen to the cd every night- and am pleased.”

However, Thomas, from Indiana, experienced something quite the contrary. He noticed an increase in appetite after having listened to Kelly's hypnosis CD. Harvey, another reviewer at Amazon, sees no impact either, despite repeated listening - two or three times - everyday.

Pros and Cons


  • Some find the calming effect of the CD gives them just the right push to eat healthy and stay positive.

  • Listening in the comfort of your home is called “convenience”.


  • Not all people embrace hypnosis methods. They find them ineffective, boring and dull.

  • A lot of the people who ended up testing Kelly Howell's prowess found it lulling them to sleep.

  • There is no speech throughout the CD. Nobody speaks to you. Expects lots of music, and some “aah's” and “hmm's”! Well, this is why it is called "subliminal" after all.

  • Kelly's weight-loss phrases, buried deep beneath the music, are indecipherable for most users.

From a scientific point of view, I think it is hard to say whether the improved eating habits of some are a direct causative result of their listening of this CD, or this is sheer co-incidence.

I would be tempted to say, based on the many positive reviews I read, that if you dedicate the time to listen to the CD and enter a “deep state of relaxaion” it may work for you. But it is hard to pass a verdict on this one – either you have a taste for hypnosis or you don’t. The ball’s in your court.

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