Weight Loss and Muscle Gain - An Introduction to Whey Protein

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What Is Whey Protein? Whey protein is the number one ingredient for building muscle mass and increasing body strength. But did you know that protein is also the perfect formula for weight loss?

Increasing muscle and maintaining a healthy weight requires your body to work as efficiently as possible, but even the most nutritious diet can benefit from an extra protein boost. Whey protein supplements build muscle and burn fat at the same time, helping you get even better results from your regular exercise regime.

Whey Protein comes in a powdered form, so you can drink it on-the-go by adding milk or water, as a quick snack or to replenish your muscles after a grueling work-out.

As well as helping to curb your appetite, protein supplements are very low in carbohydrates and feel less filling than solid food, so they won’t make you feel sluggish or slow you down.

The Science Bit

As a natural dairy by-product, whey protein has exceptionally high amino acid content, meaning your body will continue to build muscle even after you stop exercising. Whether you want to lose weight, achieve lean, toned muscles or simply improve your general health and well-being, Whey Protein Supplements will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Whey Protein can complement a healthy diet and is often a cost-effective alternative to protein-rich foods such as meat or cheese.

One of the most impressive features of protein supplements, is that they also enhance your liver function, preventing muscle breakdown and helping to boost your immune system, as they contain a powerful antioxidant that protects your body during strenuous training and exercise.

Whey protein lowers blood pressure and keeps your energy level high, making it the supplement of choice for many athletes.

With its numerous health benefits and weight loss properties, introducing whey protein supplements into your regime will give you a unique physical advantage and will dramatically improve your health with regular use.

Whey Protein is Satiating


A large amount of scientific supports the positive benefits of whey protein supplements, and how they are linked to weight loss. In 2003, a case study which examined the effects whey had on appetite showed that whey consumption increases feelings of ‘fullness’ and satisfaction, leading to a reduction of food intake and, in turn, significant weight loss. Similar studies discovered that whey stimulates hormones associated with satiety.

An even earlier study in 2005 showed that whey helps keep blood sugar regulated, which as you’ll know is a key area to focus on during weight loss, in order to prevent sudden dips in energy levels and the urge to snack.

Finally, dairy as a whole - whilst surrounded my concerns about fat intake - continues to disprove weight gain theories, by demonstrating a positive influence on metabolism speed during studies. Calcium improves body composition, and a regular intake is extremely effective when it comes to weight loss, due to its high protein content.

Getting Whey Protein Into Your Daily Routine

Whey Protein is really easy to incorporate into your exercise regime, and it comes in a variety of forms that make it easy and tasty to take. The first option is taking a capsule, or supplement, whereby you can easily wash down a pill, as easy as a small painkiller.

Alternatively, you can get your whey protein fix by crushed powder, which you can mix with water or a shake and drink on the go.

Some companies stock snack or cereal bars that contain whey protein, so you can eat it pre or post workout and know you’re getting your essential muscle building and weight-loss enhancer.

However you decide to this highly beneficial source of protein, you can be sure that you’ll soon be gaining muscle and losing weight.

(note by Editor: I endorse Gold Standard 100% Whey, a protein that I have been taking for years from Amazon, and have enjoyed more than any other protein.

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