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I’m always sceptical when it comes to power towers. The premise is great; one station where you can get an intense, upper body workout. The reality, however, in my experience, is that power towers are usually flimsy, poorly built and uncomfortable to use.

I purchased a power tower many years ago, convinced that the investment was a great way to save money in the long run. After all, as long as I went running and did my work on the power tower, I was getting a complete, full body workout.

It didn’t quite pan out like this.

I ended up giving the power tower away to a friend as it was so uncomfortable to use and, given that I weighed over 100kg at the time, the machine struggled to take my weight.

Over a decade has now passed since I ditched my power tower and, given that money is a little tight at the moment, and gym memberships are soaring at an astonishing rate, I’m beginning to entertain the idea of purchasing another power tower.

While doing my due diligence, I came across the Weider Power Tower and, I have to say, I am most impressed. It has all the functionality that I’m looking, represents great value for money and, most importantly, it looks far more sturdy and solid than any of the power towers looked a decade ago.

How does the Weider Power Tower work?

The Weider Power Tower features four work stations; a pull up station, a push up station, a dip station and a vertical knee raise station.

These four stations are designed to ensure that the user can get a great upper body workout, working all of the major muscle groups; pull ups work your biceps, shoulders and back, push ups work your triceps, shoulder and core, dips work your triceps, chest and shoulders, while vertical knee raises give you a fantastic core workout, helping you to develop sculpted abs.

The Weider Power Tower is designed for any fitness level and is extremely accessible. Unassisted chin ups, however, may not be feasible for complete beginners and may require some assistance from a workout partner.

High repetition, body weight exercises are a fantastic way to improve your strength levels and tone all of the major, upper body muscles, while the Weider Power Tower’s sewn vinyl, padded cushions ensure that your workout can be done in comfort.

The Weider Power Tower is strong, sturdy and extremely functional.

Does the Weider Power Tower really deliver?

The reviews of the Weider Power Tower are, on the whole, very positive, with a number of reviewers commenting specifically that they were pleasantly surprised by the durability, sturdiness and construction quality of the tower.

One reviewer, Jason Gelnett, purchased the Weider Power Tower before there were any reviews of the product. He is very pleased, however, that he took the risk. Jason is big guy, measuring 6ft 3” in height and weighing in at 210lbs, and so was understandably worried that the Tower may not be sturdy enough to take his weight. Jason asserts that this piece of equipment is “built like a tank” and is far sturdier and heavier than he anticipated; something which pleasantly surprised him.  

Bigwash is another reviewer who holds the Weider Power Tower in high regard. Bigwash is a big guy too, weighing in at 230lbs, but he concurs with Jason Gelnett that the Weider Tower is a very sturdy piece of gym equipment. In addition to its sturdiness, Bigwash is also impressed with its design, stating that it is designed in such a way that it sits “high enough that dips are correct and true.

One final reviewer, R. Rank, has his own home gym and asserts that the Weider Power Tower is a very welcome addition to his stable of gym equipment. He attests that it is excellent value for money, stating that he “can’t find anything wrong for the price.

Will the Weider Power Tower give me the great upper body workout that I desire?

The Weider Power Tower is designed specifically to allow you to undertake a full upper body workout, sculpting all of the major muscle groups. And it certainly seems to deliver on this front, while there are few major grumbles from those who have purchased it.

All reviewers of the Weider Power Tower appear to agree that the design of the Tower is faultless, with regards to allowing you to execute repetitions on each of the four workout stations. Its sturdiness is also a major plus, as there are few reports of any discernible rocking when performing the exercises, especially from some of the bigger guys.

If you are looking for a piece of gym equipment to perform a great upper body workout on, designed with the user in mind, and capable of supporting the larger athlete, the Weider Power Tower is that piece of gym equipment.

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy. This is the biggest selling point of the Weider Power Tower. Unlike other similar products on the market, this one is well built and sturdy. This high quality design means that you can forget about whether or not the Weider Power Tower is safe and just focus on getting a great workout.
  • Easy to assemble. The Weider Power Tower comes in a huge box, as this is a large piece of gym equipment. It is, however, very easy to assemble, ensuring that you can get on with getting in shape, rather than worrying if you’ve put the equipment together correctly.
  • Versatile. The four work stations ensure that you can get a full, upper body workout, hitting every major muscle group, including the core.
  • Comfortable. The padded cushions ensure that you can perform all of your exercises in comfort, without the fear of any metal digging into you.
  • Value for money. The Weider Power Tower represents excellent value for money; it is of a far higher quality than its contemporaries in the same price bracket.


  • A little fiddly. Although putting the Weider Power Tower together is easy, a couple of reviewers reported that you need to make sure not to do up all the bolts at once; otherwise you could have problems further down the line. Tighten the bolts only a little and then fully once the entire machine is pieced together.

Problems and complaints

There is only one issue pertaining to the Weider Power Tower and it appears to be regarding Weider’s customer service and not the product itself.

One reviewer, the count, reports that he ordered the Power Tower and was in need of rapid delivery, as he required it to train his clients. He was annoyed to discover, however, that “no hardware bolts were included” in the packaging when the equipment arrived. While this is clearly a quality control error, it was nevertheless frustrating to the count. If you are in a rush to receive the product, therefore, perhaps you should leave a few extra days to allow for any errors in the delivery process. 

Is the Weider Power Tower better than other power towers on the market?

Even a decade on since I first purchased a power tower, they still have a reputation for being flimsy and of poor quality, at the lower end of the pricing scale.

If you are looking for a great quality power tower at an affordable price, the Weider Power Tower stands head and shoulders above other brands in the market place. Other similar products, at the same price, are simply of inferior quality.

How does it rate overall?

The Weider Power Tower receives a very favourable review, overall; it attained 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where can I buy it and where can I read more reviews?

One can purchase at a 20% discount the Weider Power Tower directly through Amazon. If, however, you wish to read further reviews, before making a purchasing decision, you can find them here.

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