Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Mexico – A Success Story

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Low Cost Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Mexico Saves Thousands.

Tamara Mattson of Washington chose to have her Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for several reasons, one being the savings. Choosing to have this medical operation done outside of the U.S. saved her almost 40% of what she would have paid to have the same procedure done stateside.

 Tamara chose Medical Tourism Corporation, based out of the U.S. to arrange the entire trip for her.

As Tamara and her husband arrived in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, they were greeted by staff to take them to where they were going, which Tamara felt was a nice way to start their trip. They even had time to enjoy a brief vacation before her surgery.

Tamara and her husband were able to see what fun and exciting things Puerto Vallarta has to offer, such as shopping, sight seeing and even having fun at the beach. Prior to her surgery the couple enjoyed kayaking and even went for a ride down a zip line.

At no time during her trip was Tamara hindered by a language barrier. Most of the staff she dealt with spoke English, and when someone didn’t, an interpreter was always present.

Out of Country Surgical Procedures Becoming More Popular

Many Americans are turning to weight loss surgical procedures outside of the U.S. for monetary reasons. With insurance premiums at an all time high and many people uninsured medical tourism is a viable alternative. Flights to Mexico are not only frequent, but typically inexpensive as well.

While the medical experts in Mexico are of the highest caliber, they are charging much less for the exact same procedures people are able to get stateside. The medical facilities are both sanitary and hygienic. Prior to her surgery, the surgeon gave Tamara a step-by-step written sheet to explain the procedure to her, and took the time to answer all of her questions until she was satisfied with all of the answers.

The company Tamara used, Medical Tourism Corporation, is a company that offers medical tours all over the world, including tours in Belgium, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain, just to name a few. They have taken the time to screen all of the hospitals based on track records, accreditations, and credentials of the doctors. They boast that the majority of the staff, including physicians, obtained their training in the U.S. and U.K.

How Can You Save 40-80% on Your Next Surgical Procedure?

While Tamara saved almost 40% on her surgery, Medical Tourism Corporation reports that based on the surgery and where you choose to have it done, you can save anywhere from 40-80%, which is a tremendous savings. They are with you from start to finish, even giving input as to what facilities may be best for your individual needs and situation. Tamara was impressed with the efficiency and service that she received from Medical Tourism Corporation.

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