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If you or someone you know has been investigating the various options available these days for weight-loss surgery, you probably know that the two most common and popular procedures being used these days are the LAP-BAND and the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgeries.

But while these approaches have provided excellent results for many overweight patients, they are not right for everyone. In fact, there is no one “best” choice for weight-loss surgery. Unfortunately, there is still no procedure that comes with a guarantee that you will succeed in losing weight and maintaining that improvement.

While almost all of the current surgical options will enable most patients to lose weight initially, making the long-term changes and adjustments that are required is a bigger challenge than many people anticipate—or can manage. And different procedures require different post-operative lifestyles. This is why pre-operative counseling and honest self-assessment are essential preliminary steps for anyone who hopes to achieve lasting weight loss and the resulting significant health improvements.

It’s also one reason to consider the vertical sleeve gastrectomy option for bariatric surgery. Though Lap-Band and Roux-en-Y represent the majority of surgeries being performed these days, the gastric sleeve offers some significant advantages that potential surgical candidates might want to consider. Like the more common surgeries, vertical sleeve gastrectomy leads to a significant reduction in stomach size and capacity. But unlike some others, it does not actually change the basic way the stomach functions and digests food.

For this reason, it does not require patients to avoid as many kinds of foods and is also less likely to lead to some of the nutritional deficiencies that can follow on other surgeries.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Expands Weight-Loss Options for Houston Patients

For this reason, bariatric practices like JourneyLite of Houston, LLC, are increasingly likely to offer this option in addition to the more familiar choices such as LAP-BAND. A Bariatric Center of Excellence, JourneyLite of Houston began offering the vertical sleeve gastrectomy in the fall of 2009. Like many other kinds of weight-loss procedures, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectromy can also be performed via the minimally invasive laparoscopic method, reducing the risk, physical stress, and length of recovery for patients.

Dr. Matthew St. Laurent of JourneyLite explains that the sleeve gastrectomy surgery “offers a combination of restriction and hormonal mechanisms of action, allowing us to offer more options to our JourneyLite patients based on their specific needs.”

Sleeve Gastrectomy - A Permanent Procedure

The sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent procedure, unlike gastric bypass or LAP-BAND, which are reversible. It involves removing (rather than bypassing) a significant portion of the stomach, primarily the round expansive part, leaving a narrow sleeve-like passage. The result is a 70 to 80 percent reduction in total stomach size.

With such a small stomach, the patient feels full very quickly. As Dr. St. Laurent notes, in removing so much of the stomach, the surgery also drastically reduces the production of certain kinds of hormones that cause people to feel hungry, making it easier for them to achieve and stick to a much lower rate of calorie consumption.

A major public health concern in the U.S. and other industrialized nations, the obesity epidemic is driving continual research into new dietary and surgical approaches. With the state of the art undergoing such rapid change, it is crucial for anyone suffering from obesity and the related serious health problems, such as diabetes, arthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, to seek out the best and most current information about new treatment approaches that may help them overcome their weight problem.

Cutting-edge weight-loss practitioners like the physicians and other professional staff at JourneyLite very often provide valuable informational seminars and counseling services to guide potential patients in finding the right approach for their individual lives and needs.

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I am 56, 5'7" my weight is more than normal. But the main problem is that I have high blood pressure. can i go for this surgery???

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