Trec Nutrition Weight Loss Protein Shake Review

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In order to lose fat and build muscle you need to exercise but also feed yourself the necessary nutrients in the right proportions.

Whey protein is a great supplement that helps you not only achieve a low-calorie, nutrient rich diet but also effectively perform and quickly recover from your intense cardio and weight lifting workouts.

Trec Nutrition Weight Loss Protein Shake is a meal replacement product made of 100% whey protein.

Whey protein is a by-product from cow cheese separation (the liquid left when milk curdles into a cheese).

Trec Nutrition processed whey into a low calorie powder that can be used as a meal replacement. It contains only 90 calories per serving, high concentration of amino acids and glutamine and low percentage of fat and carbohydrates.

This product comes in 13 flavors, chocolate being the most popular one. If you are dieting, having anything with chocolate flavor is a bonus.

How Can Weight Loss Protein Shake Help You Lose Weight?

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps build body and muscles. It also boosts our immune system and repairs tissue. By supplementing two or three meals a day with pure protein, you get to eat meals that are high in protein without being high in calories. This helps you maintain active lifestyle and lose weight.

The best weight loss protein supplements are those stripped of their fat content, such as Weight Loss Protein Shake. You would still get the energy you need and support to your immune system, but no fat, having weight loss as a result.

Does Weight Loss Protein Shake Deliver?

It certainly does, especially if combined with exercise and a sensible diet. You are replacing two or three meals with a protein milkshake, but if you gorge yourself the rest of the day with fatty junk food, nothing will help you, except if someone staples your mouth.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

One customer reported losing 60 pounds! How much you will lose will very much depend on what and how much you eat besides milk shakes.

Side Effects

Whey protein is a milk product, which means that it might cause allergic reaction in people allergic to lactose, although the amount of lactose in whey is very small.

Other side effects are linked to the overuse of whey protein, which can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. No scientific evidence exists to support the argument that whey protein damages the liver and kidneys. However, in the case of chronic overconsumption, experts believe that the liver and kidneys may be affected.

Whey protein overconsumption can also create mineral imbalance in bones and interfere with other medications being used.

Pros and Cons


  • Great weight loss if used properly
  • Excellent immune system booster
  • Builds body muscle mass


  • Possible allergic reaction in people allergic to lactose.
  • Overuse can be dangerous for health

Problems and Complaints

No problems reported.


Trec Nutrition Weight Loss Protein Shake is an excellent meal replacement for those who are trying to lose weight without resorting to pills. The best way to use this whey protein product is to replace or supplement two or three meals with a shake of your choice (there are 13 flavors), and plan two or three more reasonable, well-balanced meals.

Exercise should be a vital part of any weight loss plan, and, in fact, the manufacturers of the Weight Loss Milk Shake recommend to take the shake shortly after the exercise for best effect.

Since whey protein has its share of possible health problems, it is a good idea to talk to your physician to make sure that it will not interfere with other medications you are taking and that it will not cause an allergic reaction.

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