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We understand that men and women alike are searching for the special machine that is going to help them finally meet their weight loss goals. There are dozens of total gyms on the market today so with this being said, you have likely already looked at half a dozen or more and are still not sure what to look for.

If this sounds like you, you may be interested in the "Total Gym 1800 Club" we are about to review. Within this article we are going to outline all the details of this product so you are 100% sure of what you’re buying and how it is going to help you lose weight.

How Does the "Total Gym 1800 Club" Work?

In the video below you can watch a user describing the way that the "Total Gym 1800 Club" works. You have the opportunity to watch the unboxing, the set up of this full body workout equipment as well as a detailed review of the various workouts that it offers and the muscle group that it exercises.

With any at home gym you have the capability to tone and strengthen your muscles but as you may imagine, there are some total gyms that are better than others. The "Total Gym 1800 Club" provides you with the opportunity to create an at home gym that is affordable because only this piece of equipment is required to help you stay or get into shape.

This unit folds up and can fit under any bed which is an amazing convenience for a total gym product. The way this product works is you are able to lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity and this allows a natural form of resistance that provides smooth and fluid motion.

This total gym includes: an ab crunch board, Pilates bar, leg attachment, dip bar, press bars and locking mechanisms for your safety.

What Are Others Saying- Does the "Total Gym 1800 Club" Really Deliver?

Let’s get right into the information from the consumers to help you learn what others like yourself think about the "Total Gym 1800 Club".

C.Williams is a consumer like yourself who is extremely happy with their purchase. After only three weeks this consumer has witnessed results by starting out with the beginner’s circuit. You can find this exercise program on the DVD included with the gym. This customer also takes the time to note that the attachments are not difficult to manoeuvre and this is a plus!

David from Michigan has been using free weights for many years and has decided to change to the total gym method of training. The only problem this consumer has with the product is that he is too tall to use the ab crunch board at 6’.

One last consumer by the name of Agent99 says, “If you are on the fence - you will not be disappointed.” This particular customer loves all the attachments and thoroughly enjoys the full body workout available from one single piece of equipment that can fit in the smallest of spaces.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Total gyms have an amazing capacity to help you lose an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time. Many people believe that strength training has nothing to do with weight loss but this is not an accurate statement.

Without a balanced workout of strength training and cardio you don’t have the tools to reach your weight loss goals, no matter what they are. On the "Total Gym 1800 Club" you can work every muscle group in your body including your core.

By following the workout DVD provided with this product you will learn how to do circuit training and progress from a beginner to an intermediate within weeks! By combining your strength training with some form of cardio you will most definitely reach the weight loss goals you have set for yourself.

Pros and Cons:


  • Total gym folds up for convenience and space saving
  • Attachments are easy to use (taking on and off)
  • Workout DVD included to guide you through the 60 possible exercises
  • Complete gym system in one product


  • Height restrictions reported in regards to the ab crunch board
  • A  great deal of adjusting is required before each workout

Problems and Complaints

There are not really any complaints to be found associated with this product, only suggestions as to how the company can improve their product. Many customers are not happy with the amount of adjusting that comes with each and every workout and attachment for the Total Gym 1800.

Although this is not completely a product flaw and something you can likely get used to it is definitely something that can be improved. The more you use this product the less you will notice the adjustments.

Cardio Attachments for the "Total Gym 1800 Club"

Recently on the market is an attachment for the Total Gym 1800 that can instantly change your total gym into a recumbent bike so you can have a cardio machine within your home as well.

This attachment can be pricey, in the ballpark of $350 but many people find this to be worthwhile investment, much cheaper than buying a separate exercise bike in addition to your Total Gym 1800.

How Does the "Total Gym 1800 Club" Rate Overall?

This at home gym has been given a 5-star rating on There were very few negative comments associated with this product and this should be a major deciding factor for you as a potential client.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Total Gym 1800 Club"?

If you have decided you are interested in turning your home into a gym with this simple and effective product, you can do so at a great price through Here you can also read more reviews and learn as many details as possible through customer opinions before hitting that “buy” button!

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