Top 5 Exercises For Senior Citizens

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Its getting more and more common to see people that are in their 50s, 60s and even 70s do things that keep them extremely fit and healthy.

More and more senior citizens are waking up to the fact that living long and happy lives requires that you implement a regime of regular exercise and good food. (Those of you that happen to have illnesses such as kidney disease should implement a solid renal diet plan.

It will not only help you stay healthy but it will help to keep your disease in control.) Believe me just because you may be older it doesn’t mean that you can’t stay fit and healthy. In fact if you want to be fit and able when you are older it is imperative that you do get involved with diet and exercise.

While we are not suggesting that anyone in their 60s and 70s prepare to do a 30 mile marathon it doesn’t mean that you can't implement some simple exercises that will help to keep you in shape and promote your health and well being.

The best way to remain fit and healthy is to do a variety of different exercises that will help you reach your goals. This way not only will you never get bored but you will get fitter and fitter as you get older and older.

The areas that you need to focus on in terms of fitness when you are older are the same things that you would focus on when you were younger. The best exercises are those that involve strength, cardiovascular health, balance and flexibility.

The reality is that the body of a senior is much more fragile than that of a younger person and this is why you must make sure that you never give up on your fitness routine. The moment you do is the second your health will begin to deteriorate for the worse.

If you take the right steps then all things that are common in the average senior citizen such as the reduction of muscle mass, stiffness and decreased mobility are all things that you can prevent with great ease.

While it may require that you become more determined and dedicated than ever before the results are more than worth the initial effort that you have to exert.

The most important element of fitness when it comes to those that are older is to be smart about what you do. You never want to exert yourself too much to the point where you cause serious injury. Doing so could possibly result in you having to stop doing exercise for months on end.

The most important element of all the exercises that you do is proper form. This rule applies regardless of whether you are old or young. You also don’t want to over exert yourself. Give yourself adequate breaks and rest well at night.

If you are not up for a day of working out then just leave it for the next day. Remain consistent but again don’t push yourself too far. You may end up regretting it.

You also want to make sure that you train your whole body as this way you are going to keep your whole body in the best health and fitness that it can be in.

It will also allow you to balance the workouts that you perform so that you never even give injury the opportunity to come about.

Here are some of the best exercises that you should get involved with:

1. Yoga

Anulom Vilom Pranayaam

Yoga truly is one of the most amazing forms of exercise that you can perform. Not only will it give your body a whole workout but it will also relieve you of any stress that you may be experiencing.

The best thing about yoga is that you are going to be able to really develop your core power, strengthen your muscle groups and even add in a little bit of a cardio workout.

On top of that you are going to find that if you are experiencing any sorts of aches and pains then they will quickly begin to disappear. Of course the older a person gets the more likely he is to experience odd pains. Yoga will help you get rid of these quickly and without much effort.

2. Swimming

Swimming is my favorite form of exercise because it helps give your body the ultimate workout. Your whole body is being tested when you are swimming. Your muscles, arms, legs and even glutes are given a serious workout like no other form of exercise can provide.

Swimming is also another form of exercise that will quickly help to relieve any sort of aches and pains that you may be suffering from.

3. Hiking/Walking

Safe Senior Bikers

Low to moderate level of cardiovascular exercise is really great for a person of any age, young or old. But it is even better for those that are getting older. Exercises such as hiking and walking will give your body a lovely workout with little effort exerted on your part.

Back when men were living in caves they would wonder about for countless hours hunting for food. The need to walk of course hasn’t changed and it will really help you get into amazing health really fast.

Take every opportunity that you have to go for a walk. It will ultimately not only give you a good workout but you can explore your local neighborhood and see what is going on!

4. Biking

Another really low level form of cardio is biking. This exercise is amazing for your legs and glutes.

Biking has the added benefit of strengthening your core. So next time you feel you need to jump into the car to run an errand, opt instead for the bike. Not only will you get in a good workout but you will save money too!

5. Play

Life is short and you don’t want to spend all your waking hours doing things that you don’t enjoy. So in this case make some time to do those things that are fun for you. Do something that you have enjoyed but haven’t done in years. Things that come to mind include, dancing, golfing, rock climbing etc.

You shouldn’t have to do those exercises that you hate just to remain fit. The reason being is that there are far too many different options out there to have to do those things that you dislike. Why not do those that you love to do every single day.

Exercise should be a regular part of your life because you enjoy it not because you want to get some health benefit out of it.

So there you have it all the exercises that you can get involved with that will not only help you live longer but in actual fact help you get a lot more out of the years that you do have!

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Thomas Mullet loves helping people work toward becoming really healthy. He has a real passion for helping those people that suffer from kidney disease by helping them implement a solid kidney diet plan. Go to his blog if you're interested to learn more.

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