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The Tri-Trick Behind Weight Loss

In the last six weeks I am actually down almost 15 pounds. Yes you heard it right. However, the journey was not without any hiccups. My incidents can either make you feel like you have completely failed or can make you learn a lesson from them, although I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and have moved on. The days seemed to just fly by and the scale has been moving down little by little every day.

Well, everything worked well because of good planning. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was implementing the right plan for me. And this can help me to get a healthy weight and regain my life again. I know many people have miserably failed to stick to their strict diet, however, I am sure that if I can plan it out, and so can you. All it needs is determination and the right guidance.

Plan 1- Do not be afraid to try new foods

Trying New Foods (3/52)

Top 10 Super Foods

I’m sure you know what foods are considered junk foods and why they are bad for you.  From the grease to the saturated fat, junk foods are the bane of our existence!  You may not be as familiar with super foods which are the exact opposite of junk foods.  Super foods are foods that are good for you and actually have positive effects on your body.  Here is a list of the top 10 super foods that you should incorporate into your diet!

10. Yogurt

I’m not talking about Go-Gurt here, or other yogurts that have been pumped full of sugar.  Yogurts with very little additives are the most beneficial for your body.  They contain calcium, protein and bacterial cultures that boost your immune system.  Have yogurt once a day and find new ways to eat it!  Try using yogurt as a spread instead of fatty condiments like sour cream and mayonnaise.


9.  Tomatoes

Best Weight Loss Programs

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers has been subjected to the most clinical studies. Top choice in customer reviews. Control Hunger. Beat Temptation, Stop Dieting and Start Living. You cannot go wrong with the Granddaddy of weight loss programs! $12/week (Weight Watchers Meetings), $16.95/month (Weight Watchers Online).

Lose 2 lb per week. No counting calories. Most popular. Lowest Priced. “NutriSystem is the lowest priced popular weight loss program.” 12-23-08. $10/day. No registration fees. No shipping fees.

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