Tips to Battling Stress without Breaking a Sweat

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Everyday of our lives we are subjected to stress – be it due to our career, family, or other personal endeavors. There are a lot of factors that can potentially cause us stress, and if we are unable to prevent it from worsening, we may fall ill, consequently falling short of the tasks and responsibilities that are expected of us. Fortunately, as inevitable as stress may seem, fighting it is actually possible. The common misconception, however, is that it takes going the extra mile and spending the extra bucks to be able to reduce the stress levels in our systems. While there may be a little truth to that, it is not always necessary. There are, as a matter of fact, ways in which you can battle stress without having to bend over backwards.

Where does it start?

The most common trend in attaining rest and relaxation nowadays is to head to the nearest spa clinic in town. There, we can avail of services that will rejuvenate all of our senses, relieving the body of any mental or physical stress. However, hitting the spa can be an additional inconvenience especially if there is no spa clinic available in your area; another thing is that it can also be an additional expense which may not be too enticing for the cost-cutters. The good news is that attaining the same rejuvenating experience we get from spas is possible in our very home.


Running a warm bath after a hard day at work is also an easy way to soothe the mind and body. Try dropping by at a home décor shop on your way home and grab some scented candles to light up in the bath. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective methods to soothe the mind. Warm water is also good for relaxing the muscles, thereby providing a calming effect on the body as well. In addition to this, you may also add in some essential oils to the water to further enhance its calming effect on your muscles.

What water fountains can do

Imagine reaching home from a nerve-racking, mind-boggling, and stress-inducing day at work and the moment you sit back on the soft, cozy couch in your den, you are at once transported to a relaxing atmosphere that will rid you of the day’s cares. Installing a large wall fountain in your living room can be a great way to add a de-stressing feature in your home. The trickling sound of water produced by large wall fountains is a very common component of the relaxing ambience in spa clinics, which you may enjoy even without leaving your house. This one-time investment can go a long way and will surely make your stressful days a tad less tiresome and draining.

Movie session

Another way to reward yourself after work is simply by watching a good movie alone or with someone whose company you enjoy. Make sure your movie selection is great for unwinding and will not further aggravate the stress your brain is already going through. Feel-good movies such as romantic comedies are a great pick for any de-stressing movie session.

Tea time

Tea time is also a great remedy for stress. Invite your best friend, your mom, or your partner to a catch-up session in your house. Tea has been found to have rejuvenating effects so don’t take that bag of tea for granted. And of course, laughter has been dubbed to be the “best medicine” so be sure you get your daily dose of that too. Having a good, relaxing time with someone you love will surely free you of any worry or stress.

 Hitting the sack early

Getting enough sleep is a surefire way to fight stress. Health experts say that at least 8 hours of sleep nightly is required to regain the energy that was expended during the day. If you spent the last 12 hours whipping out backlogs, answering long phone calls from clients, and wringing your brains out on a foolproof business plan, then rewarding yourself with a long, deep, night’s slumber is always a good idea. Chug a glass of warm milk before hitting the sheets as it will help you sleep better.

Keep a playlist of your favorite tunes

With today’s available technology, it can’t be too hard to keep a record of your favorite tracks and tunes. May it be classical, blues, or some other type of music that sends a relaxing effect to your mind, make sure that you have kept a playlist in handy to lull you from stress to rest on those days.

It can be quite overwhelming how easy it actually is to keep stress at bay even without having to drive to the nearest spa clinic. While these aforementioned tips are great stress-busters, you can be resourceful and experimental by exploring other methods that are just as effective.

Cedric Loiselle is a passionate writer who enjoys imparting useful information about a myriad of niches including home improvement, health, and lifestyle.

I find music therapeutic.

I find music therapeutic. Every time I'm stressed, I just listened to songs that will make me relaxed.

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