Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Review

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You don’t have to be a professional runner or athlete to take full advantage of the Timex T5G971 sports watch. This watch can help you monitor your heart rate while you work out to keep you safe and informed.

How Does the Timex T5G971 Work?

This watch can help you monitor your heart rate during the duration of your entire workout. Wearing the chest strap that comes with the watch can enable you to set target heart rates so an alarm goes off informing you when this goal is met. This is great for interval training to keep you on track with little work required. Water resistance and Indiglo lighting helps save on battery power and protect your new watch from unwanted weather.

What Are Others Saying- Does the Timex T5G971 Really Deliver?

If you have gone through several other heart rate monitors for your training and not found what you are looking for, Mark (an Amazon reviewer) believes this one is the best. He says,

“This HRM gives me an accurate reading immediately and continues to do so as my heart rate changes during my workout. It works great even without electrode gel. It doesn't have any fancy features but I don't need them.”

Mr. Jay says is very satisfied with his purchase. The Timex T5G971 has a large enough display where even those with glasses can see what their heart rate is. He also notes,

“The Timex met all my needs and at a very good price. I was a bit concerned because I have a 54" chest and a fairly large wrist. The wrist band also fits but it's in the last hole, and so far, I haven't picked up anyone else's monitor or bled over onto anyone else's cardio machines. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.”

If you’re looking for an easy to use, easy to read heart rate monitor LBI Mom believes this Timex model is for you. With additional features such as calorie counting, you can utilize your exercise time efficiently. LBI Mom also says,

“The strap is very light and comfortable. It is also extremely accurate and it comes with a user replacement battery. I just love it.”

Will it Help me Lose Weight?

By keeping an accurate reading on your heart rate you can adjust your workout intensity appropriately to help maximize your workouts in a safe zone. The additional calorie counter feature on this model helps you visually see your progress as well. Once you get a handle on your heart rate zones you will notice a difference in your progress.

Pros and Cons


  1. It comes with a calorie counter feature
  2. Large and easy to read screen
  3. Indiglo lighting to save battery power and make night time viewing easy
  4. Pre-set heart rate zones


  1. Heavy clothing can interfere with your chest monitor during your workout
  2. For larger men and women, the chest strap may not be large enough
  3. Other heart rate monitors may interfere with your readings

Problems and Complaints

The biggest and nearly only complaint regarding the Timex T5G971 heart rate monitor is that it is susceptible to interference from other heart rate monitors, treadmills and even pace makers. This can create wrong heart rate readings.

Can I Wear the Timex T5G971 on the Treadmill?

Yes you can! This heart rate monitor can be used on any piece of gym equipment as well as when you are working out on your own. Even if you are just walking, as long as your heart rate is going up and down this watch will inform you.

How Does the Timex T5G971 Rate Overall?

Overall, nearly every customer has been satisfied with their Timex T5G971 purchase. It has all the features athletes and novices can appreciate. With very few complaints about performance we rate this heart rate monitor a 4 out of 5 stars.

Where Can I Buy and Read more Reviews for the Timex T5G971?

You can purchase this specific heart rate monitor on the Amazon.com website. With easy purchase and shipping options, Amazon makes purchasing online simple.  Read more reviews to make your decision about this product.

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