The Tri-Trick Behind Weight Loss

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In the last six weeks I am actually down almost 15 pounds. Yes you heard it right. However, the journey was not without any hiccups. My incidents can either make you feel like you have completely failed or can make you learn a lesson from them, although I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and have moved on. The days seemed to just fly by and the scale has been moving down little by little every day.

Well, everything worked well because of good planning. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was implementing the right plan for me. And this can help me to get a healthy weight and regain my life again. I know many people have miserably failed to stick to their strict diet, however, I am sure that if I can plan it out, and so can you. All it needs is determination and the right guidance.

Plan 1- Do not be afraid to try new foods

Trying New Foods (3/52)

The best way to try a new food item that you are interested in is to order just one packet instead of ordering the whole box. The majority of the people don’t realize that they have the option to do it. If you really like something you can order a case of it which has a lot of one item in it. On the contrary, if you do not like something, put it back and try that after some time. The whole idea is to make us not so stringent about food and yet go slow with it. Try out different foods that are healthier and can break the monotony of your daily diet chart.

You can even search for community and also search for particular foods and people who can offer different suggestions on how to make a not so delicious food into something better.

Plan 2- Stop emotional eating

Four Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

If we know that how bad emotional eating is for us, then why do we continue to do it? I think we are getting something out of it. Well, I can sum it up in one word- COMFORT. If we eat when we are truly not hungry we are trying to actually comfort ourselves. But why food is so comforting? Is it because we have been taught to “clean our plate”? Well, it is really confusing. All that I know is whenever we are under the different shadow of emotions--sad, depressed, happy, excited, angry, and lonely, we tend to eat. But the question is do we feel better after we eat whatever it is? Honestly speaking I don’t. I feel worse because these are the times when I feel I have overeaten.

Therefore, I would encourage you as not to eat if you are not hungry. However, I can suggest you the alternatives –

  • Read a book instead of eating
  • Who wants to exercise when they are frustrated or depressed? I guess no one. But we should because it is one of the best alternatives that can do well not only to your body but also to your mind
  • If it is possible take a bath and relax. It is a nice way to soothe you when you are actually angry
  • Talk to your friends or catch a movie during your “HAPPY” phase instead of sharing the enjoyment with food.

So here I leave a question for you: what is your favorite way to combat eating when you are really not hungry?

Plan 3- Be a better planner

Food plan

When it comes to weight loss, planning is the key to it. I believe that with all my heart. I have spoken to most of the people who are not natural planners. The majority of them ask “what should I eat for dinner”? What tends to happen especially when this question is asked in the late of the hour? Of course, the confusion leads people to make a wrong choice of food. But there’s always a room to improve. Put a menu up on the fridge at the beginning of the week. Make a meal plan before the week even began. You will realize you can be consistent with your diet.

Breakfast is easy, lunch is done. It is dinner that usually mess me up. But planning your meal for the week beforehand can give you a sense of relief. So I challenge you to be a better planner.

Author Bio:

Stuart Parker is a health consultant and a wellness expert. He writes for many online publications where he covers topics like cosmetic procedures, wellness regimen, weight management and weight loss program in various countries such as weight loss in San Antonio. Stuart runs a small clinic at his residence which is a family-owned business.

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