The TreadClimber20 by BowFlex Review

Purchasing the right kind of workout equipment for your home is never easy. Not only are most machines a great expense (or an investment if you like), but they can take up an exceptional amount of space and may not provide you with the type of workout that you feel worthy of the price.

One type of in-home workout equipment that can often be seen advertised on TV is Bowflex's TreadClimber20. It is one of Bowflex’s most advanced incline trainers that hels you work out smarter and more efficiently.

What is the TreadClimber20?


The TreadClimber20 offers the features of a stairclimber, treadmill, and elliptical all in one. The machine was built so that users could get the most out of their cardio routine by adding additional resistance through uphill and forward motion. However, the TreadClimber20 is lower impact, making it easier for individuals not used to heavy training or with previous injuries.

In addition to an adjustable speed of up to 4.5 and two independently moving treadles, the machine comes with:

  • Functions to control speed, distance, time, calories, and heartrate separately
  • Customizable goal setting features -A backlit LCD display
  • A compact design
  • Bowflex Body Weight Loss Plan

What are the Actual Benefits of the Machine?

As with any work out machine, the advantages and disadvantages can be a bit subjective depending on the type of work out you desire, in addition to your athletic ability and level of fitness. However, there are definite pros and cons to the TreadClimber20 that are fairly constant regardless of the user.


Bowflex has long been a trusted brand when it comes to in-home workout equipment, and with that reputation, the TreadClimber20 is essentially expected to deliver great results. A few of the machine's pros include:

Workout it Provides: If you are used to be sedentary or have workouts that consist of walking around the block a few times, then the TreadClimber20 will provide you with a great work out without too much effort. The machine can easily be used in front of the TV, and only needs to be used for about 30 minutes a day depending on the results you are hoping to get.

Good Amount of Features: While the TreadClimber20 seemingly only has one function, it does have a variety of settings that allow each user to customize their workout to their needs. While older versions of the machine only had speed variance, the TreadClimber20 allows for increased resistance as well so that individual users get the most out of each step. Although it looks like a “one-size fits all” machine, it undoubtedly isn't.

The G.O. Coach: If you are someone who struggles with staying motivated during a workout or doesn't really know how to monitor whether or not you are improving, then the G.O. Coach feature of the TreadClimber20 will be something that you enjoy. G.O. Coach is interactive and allows you to set and monitor your goals everytime you work out. The program will even store your information, and help you go above and beyond your goals by creating Landmark challenges which will guide you through your workout much like a personal trainer would.


While the TreadClimber20 is great for anyone looking to maintain their current active lifestyle or shed a few pounds from being sedentary, there are a few cons to this machine that everyone should be aware of prior to purchase. Two of the most commonly regarded disadvantages of this machine include:

Not High Intensity: While the TreadClimber20 does have higher speed settings, it doesn't provide the high intensity workout that a traditional treadmill with even higher speed settings would. The machine does cause users to burn calories faster than they would walking on a traditional treadmill, but if you are looking for something to help you train with running, this isn't the machine for you.

Seems a Bit Flimsy: One of the biggest and most frequent complaints about the TreadClimber20 is that it doesn't feel as durable as a machine by Bowflex should feel. A few users felt like the machine could have been heavier or more stable as they used it, but the heavier weight would make it less portable – making it harder to store.

Why Choose the TreadClimber20 over Walking or a Traditional Treadmill?

If you have had knee or joint injuries in the past and find that running is too hard, the TreadClimber20 definitely will provide a low-impact workout ideal for cardio. Also, if you struggle with getting out and to the gym often, the TreadClimber20 is also a good buy. Unless you are already in great physical shape, the TreadClimber20 will most likely help you shed pounds simply because of the greater resistance it provides – which also reduces the workout time needed making it great for those without a lot of free time.

Overall the TreadClimber20 is a great buy for someone frequently on the go or with a tight schedule. The machine provides a good, low intensity work out that still produces results, and will leave you feeling like you did run a mile or two even though you got to work out right from the comfort of your own home. If the Treadclimber20 seems like a machine for you, consider looking at additional Bowflex Treadclimber reviews to see if it is truly the machine for you as it is an investment.  

This article was contributed by Alex Summers who writes on the topic of Treadclimber reviews.

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