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Many times, those who are overweight will also be suffering from a range of health problems. Obesity is not only associated with an unattractive appearance, it can also be the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Few people enjoy having to take expensive medications for the rest of their life because of their weight-related illnesses.

"The Spectrum" can provide not only a way to lose weight, but also reverse existing health problems to one degree or another. Dr. Ornish has provided a clear and relatively easy way to combine diet, exercise, and meditation to improve your health, and help you enjoy life more completely.

What Is "The Spectrum" About?

When trying to lose weight, it is easy to get lost in the maze of various diet plans that offer a quick loss, but are not sustainable over a long period of time. Losing weight really isn’t just about cutting calories, if you have struggled with your weight for years, you will realize that you will have to make changes to your entire lifestyle if you want to achieve lasting effects.

"The Spectrum" deals with all the adjustments that will have to be made to your lifestyle if you want to lose weight and improve your health. Dr. Ornish knows that many health problems are also associated with obesity, and "The Spectrum" outlines plans that will help you to overcome these illnesses.

A number of recipes are included in the book to help you eat well while working towards your weight goal, as is a great exercise program to let you tone up while you diet. As stress plays a large role in overeating, Dr. Ornish teaches you how to manage the stresses in your life through meditation.

What Are Others Saying – Does "The Spectrum" Really Deliver?

Being disabled can really interfere with getting the proper exercise, and it is easy to gain weight under such circumstances as S. Hughes “demeter child” knows. Fortunately for this reviewer, The Spectrum has made a real improvement in his life and he says, “I've lost 13 pounds so far! I NEVER thought I'd be able to lose weight considering everything else I've got going on with my health.” S. Hughes also likes that this book lets you have some choice in how you approach your diet and health program.

Sam U. Haddadin “Umayyah” was unhappy at the prospect of his health deteriorating in the coming years. Overweight and with high blood pressure, Sam knew he had to do something if he wanted to enjoy life and feel good. "The Spectrum" has provided this reader with the chance to enjoy his life and he reports, “In less than 3 months of following his advice I have Lost 26lbs and my blood pressure avg is 110 over 68 this is the lowest I have ever seen it.” This reviewer likes the book so much that he has bought copies for relatives and friends.

Y. Thornton and her husband both suffer from cardio problems and diabetes. However, she says, “My husband and I have only been on the food plan for 2 weeks and walking daily for 30 minutes, and already we're both feeling better.” This reviewer has found that the “Spectrum Chart” is a great help in planning meals and exercise.

Will "The Spectrum" Help Me Lose Weight And Improve My Health?

There can be little doubt that "The Spectrum"an make a profound difference not only in how much you weigh, but can also help to deal with a number of health issues related to obesity and/or stress. Dr. Ornish understands how changes in overall lifestyle – diet, exercise, and outlook – are necessary for permanent improvements.

The meal plan will assist you to choose your foods more sensibly and a combination of exercise and meditation will not only help to strengthen your muscles, but will also deal with high blood pressure and even heart disease.

Pros and Cons


  • "The Spectrum" covers every aspect of your life, rather than just diet, to help you make lasting, positive changes.
  • A sensible, easy-to-follow diet plan gets you eating healthier food, which will start shedding excess pounds quickly.
  • Dr. Ornish addresses the whole person, the mind as well as the body, to deal with health problems that you may be experiencing.
  • The book is easy to read and understand.


  • Some reviewers thought the information in the book was simply a rehash of other diet plans.
  • The many recipes were considered to be impractical and ill-conceived by a few who purchased the book.

Problems and Complaints

"The Spectrum" was generally very well received by those who have read it, but there were some complaints, too. The heavy reliance on carbohydrates and no fats was thought by some to be merely another variation on a vegetarian diet. One reviewer thought that the information in "The Spectrum" was out of date.

Is "The Spectrum" Better Than The Flat Belly Diet?

One of the biggest gripes about The Flat Belly Diet was that it seemed inappropriate for men. "The Spectrum", on the other hand, is good for both men and women. The foods permitted for The Flat Belly Diet were thought by many who tried this plan to be unpalatable, expensive, and difficult to prepare.

For many people, The Flat Belly Diet was not one that could be sustained for a long period of time, and did little or nothing to help with other health issues.

How Does It Rate Overall?

"The Spectrum" was very well received by the majority of reviewers, and was awarded 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most who applied the principles in the book found that their health was significantly improved, and the recipes were not hard to use.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

You can purchase "The Spectrum" at a great price on Amazon. This book is currently in stock, and the great price is an added incentive to any who are interested in losing weight and feeling better generally. There is no better place than Amazon to find information about this product.  You can also read more reviews about the "The Spectrum".

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