The Spark by Chris Downie: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Transform your Life in 28 Days

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Over the years, has proven to be a very successful online community comprising of weight-watchers. It always helps to have other people in the same boat as you, aiming to reach the same goals. There is strength in unity, as the saying goes.

If you are an active – or at least, a literate – internet user, this book called, “The Spark” book, might just be the thing to give you the best mix of personal attention and group motivation. Chris Downie, founder of – a lifestyle community on the web - borrows from online success and introduces you to a program of self-empowerment.

How Does ‘The Spark’ Work? 

The focus of this book isn't really 'food'. It is 'you'. Expect to be motivated and inspired by reading about the habits of people who have been successful at weight loss; and expect a 28-day program, spread over four stages of focus, fitness, fire and positive force, to tread the path to weight loss that endures.

Karen Bentley of mentions in her review that this 4-stage plan is, in fact, a low-fat, moderate calorie diet plan, drawing on the USDA food program guidelines, but Chris Downie, author of the book, calls it a way of life rather than a diet. You could call that subliminal training.

What Others Are Saying - Does ‘The Spark’ Work?

This book is for people who like to read. It is for people who are ready to focus on what they can do, instead of what they can’t do. It won't work if you're expecting shortcuts. But if you're willing to look into yourself, and change your attitude towards the kind of lifestyle you want to maintain, this book could be a good investment.

"The Spark" has been given excellent reviews on Amazon. People love how the book helps them conquer issues like emotional eating, lack of motivation to exercise, etc.

James Hollandsworth, an M.D., notices:

“The Spark starts with how we view and live our life and how we can make sustainable positive change... Spark doesn't even start talking about what foods to eat until page 84.”

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

You will definitely lose weight if you apply the principles described in "The Spark". Your weight loss will be gradual and sustainable, because you will be making a positive lifestyle change.

Readers of "The Spark" are testifying that thanks to Downie’s book, they've been able to lose weight and been able to keep it off. No rebound stories!

J. C. Cory, a chronic yo-yo dieter from Des Moines, attributes her 70 lbs weight loss over a period of 4 years to "The Spark". Prior to this ‘revelation’, she would just be losing, gaining, and then, losing and gaining all over again.

Diane Duke, from Massachusetts, has been active with for 3 years now. That association has helped her lose 45 lbs so far, because of the positive changes it inspired in her.

Another reviewer lost 25 lbs in a year, and has been able to maintain her new weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Macro focus: "The Spark" is more about getting your priorities straight, rather than obsessions with losing weight alone.
  • Goals: It sets achievable goals for you, which should keep you on track.
  • Not over-whelming: Tasha Cole, in Virginia, finds very practical the fact that “the author breaks down exercise, diet and nutrition into very manageable solutions.”


  • Not for the computer illiterate: It requires you to interact with the SparkPeople community online, so if you can't manage that, this could very well be an incomplete experience for you.
  • The time factor: It asks you to invest a lot of time and thought into what’s been shared.

Problems And Complaints

People who bought this book primarily to get meal plans and diet tips for weight loss were obviously disappointed. If that is what you're looking for, "The Spark" probably isn't going to be your best bet.But if you're looking for a long-term solution; a healthier lifestyle; a positive change in attitude; and eventually, weight loss that is sustainable, then "The Spark" is highly recommended.

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