The Simplest Easiest Way to Lose Weight and Satisfy the Poor Old Ego

I had to face facts. I have a big ego and my gut was the only thing about me that was bigger, so to get my ego off my back the gut had to go.

I had tried various diets and even bought a ridiculous exercise machine off the internet, that of course was going to turn my ailing 46 year old body into the action man that was on the TV swinging gracefully on his ab machine – not.

Then I noticed a friend had markedly lost weight and asked what he’d done, the answer was surprisingly simple, he’d cut sugar out of his diet. He told me the name of the book, Sweet Poison and the author, David Gillespie and I was straight onto the internet and bought the book.

I was 86kg’s and 6 months later I was 76kg’s doing nothing more than avoiding sugar or more particularly fructose. There are different types of sugars and some are fine like lactose which is in milk, but fructose is the baddie. The link to David’s site is here By the way I’m not a member of this site. I have only read one book of his and the 10kg’s lost is all the evidence I need that he’s on the money.

What are the health risks of too much sugar?

There are many health risks from consuming too much fructose in the diet in fact this website lists 146 - Personally I had fatty liver disease, gout, high cholesterol all of which are now under control.

Is it difficult to avoid sugar?

It is difficult to avoid sugar if you don’t know what to look for but very simple once you do. Some foods are obviously out - lollies, ice-cream (although you can make ice cream using sugars other than fructose) and I avoid Maccas like the plague.

You can see the sugar content of all packaged foods on the back label, it lists the grams of sugar per serving. A teaspoon is 5 grams and because it doesn’t have the breakup of varieties of sugars it’s safe to assume half will be fructose, so for every 10 grams of sugar you’re eating a teaspoon of fructose.

A simple rule would be “if it comes in a packet don’t eat it” but that’s unrealistic so a quick scan of the so called nutritional information and you’ll soon see what to avoid.

One of the real traps are things like muesli bars or “health” bars and believe it or not breakfast cereals. Have a look on the packaging next time you go to buy these and you’ll soon see what I mean. I suppose Maccas could help us avoid sugar by reducing the size of their doors but that’s another story.

Side effects & quitting.

Sugar, as I discovered, is also highly addictive and with any addictive substance there may be side effects. I read of people getting the sweats, personally I have never had bad headaches but I did for about a week, 2 weeks after I’d stopped my sugar intake. Like kicking any habit I don’t think weaning off something works. Just go cold turkey and it will be over before you know it.

If you think “I used to smoke” all it does is remind you that you did and it’s there in the back of your mind. If you think “I don’t smoke” that’s it. It’s all over. Same goes for sugar, it’s simple “I don’t eat sugar”.

Anyway the upshot is that losing weight by ditching sugar from your diet really is easy, the ab machines can all go to the tip and you’ll feel healthier and so will your ego.

About the Author: As mentioned Jake used to have a big ego and a big gut and now it’s just the ego … other un-interesting facts—used to be a golf pro and loves fishing while pondering the deeper questions in life.

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