The No S Diet Review: The Strikingly Simple Weight-Loss Strategy That Has Dieters Raving--and Dropping Pounds

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After having my first child a few months ago, I tried everything I could think of to shed those post-pregnancy pounds. Nothing seemed to work! Even before becoming pregnant, I had tried many of the popular weight loss plans out there. Maybe that’s why the idea behind the “No S” Diet appeals to me.

It is marketed as a diet book for non-dieters, providing simple concepts rather than complicated, tough to follow plans. Instead of providing recipes and regimens, author Reinhard Engels provides concepts which the reader can then use to guide them in developing a healthy plan for themselves. Even more interestingly, Engels has a background not as a health guru or nutritionist, but as a software engineer.

How Does The “No S” Diet Work?

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The idea behind the No S Diet is so simple that it seems to good to be true. Engels’ concept is the opposite of many diet books out there: do not deprive yourself of sweets and other “problem” foods altogether, but rather limit their consumption in simple ways. This is the “No S” concept. Adherents have “S Days” (Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Occasions, for example), during which they enjoy sweets and sugar.

On “Non S Days,” these sweets and sugars are skipped. The book illuminates other similarly simple and easy to follow concepts, and I have to admit, the simplicity of the approach appeals to me -- I would be much more likely to follow this strategy than something like the Atkins or “Paleo” diet.

Does the “No S” Diet Really Deliver?

The growing number of proponents of this weight loss plan speak quite highly of it. Engels’ ideas began as an Internet phenomenon and spread rapidly. While other diets rely on plans which require complex monitoring or research, proponents like reviewer Mariana V. Miller say that "The “No S” Diet provides a hassle-free, relatively simple plan that should deliver for those in search of such a program".

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

The ideas Engels outlines seem to work for many! For most dieters, the “No S” Diet seems to have created long-term, slow-paced, sustained weight loss rather than an unhealthy rapid shedding of pounds. If you are willing to adhere to the concepts Engels outlines, the “No S” Diet may help you succeed in losing weight.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a “non-dieters” take on a weight loss program.
  • Has a growing group of proponents.


  • Readers may not like the concept of “S Days,” which to some readers is akin to binging.
  • Some may be turned off by the authors suggestion to avoid counting calories.


Problems and Complaints reviewers generally rated the “No S” Diet quite favorably. However, the most common problems readers cited with the book were issues with the weight loss program itself. For instance, some readers, like Amanda S. Stevens disliked the concept of “S Days” and “Non S Days,” as she felt that she was depriving herself of food during the week and binging on weekends.

As a counter-point, other readers felt that this concept made them relish eating beloved foods more on “S Days.” Others refuted the idea that calorie counting was unimportant, preferring to stick with more traditional dieting wisdom.

Is The No S Diet Better Than Other Diet Books?

The “No S” Diet is different from most other diets, and so in turn is the book. Instead of including typical diet book fare, like recipes and daily or weekly regimens, author Reinhold Engels provides core concepts that the reader can then apply to their own life. Depending on one’s personality and approach to weight loss, this type of approach may be appealing, giving The No S Diet an edge on comparable books out there.

How Does The No S Diet Rate Overall? reviewers gave The No S Diet a 4.5 star rating out of 5 possible stars. Most reviewers were enthusiastic about the book’s content, citing its clear, simple outline of this interesting and rapidly growing weight loss plan.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for The No S Diet

This book is currently available for purchase on where you can buy it with a 21% discount. It is also available in paper back and kindle edition, and is eligible for free “Super Saver” shipping with orders over $25. In Amazon you can also read a multitude of reviews. 

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