The Lean Body Promise by Lee Labrada Review

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Many diet and fitness plans require a long time to pass before some results are seen. It can be very discouraging to be following the program and not see any ‘positive input’ in the form of weight loss after using the plan for months. Fortunately, with The Lean Body Promise, you will be able to see results quickly, in as little as 12 weeks.

Lee knows that the key to getting in shape is not just skimping on meals, but rather an intelligent approach to exercise and diet. Both of these matters are covered in The Lean Body Promise, and if you are eager to get back into shape, no matter what your age, this might just be the book for you

What Is The Lean Body Promise About?

The Lean Body Promise outlines a diet plan that allows you to eat 5 or 6 small meals during the course of the day, rather than 2 or 3 large ones. Spreading out your meals keeps your body fueled and helps to keep you from feeling hungry and nibbling. An advantage to this book, too, is that the meals are made from food you can buy anywhere; there are no exotic or expensive ingredients to worry about.

Besides a great meal plan that will help you feel energized throughout the day, the exercises will help you get your body toned and strong while you diet. Understanding how difficult it can be to find extra time, Lee has kept the exercise sessions short, and most can be done within 30 minutes. The photos of the exercises make them simple to follow.

What Others Are Saying – Does The Lean Body Promise Really Work?

When looking to get back into shape, Douglas Kalman found that The Lean Body Promise kept its promise to him. He has found that “the exercise guidelines, motivational tips, nutrition guidance all to be easy to read, understand and implement.” This is a book that Douglas feels confident enough about to recommend to other people who are looking to lose weight and get into shape.

The detailed information about the diet and exercises really impressed Cain Cardiel. He especially liked the training program and thought it would work well with anyone whatever their level of fitness. Cain has decided that, “I'd much rather listen to his advice than some typical out of shape doctor.”

Being able to tolerate the meals that accompany any diet plan is important, because if the dieter finds the food unpleasant, it is unlikely they will continue to eat it. Fortunately, this is not any problem with The Lean Body Promises’s recipes.

Natalie Jones has been very happy with her copy of this book, and says of the meals, “I've tried a couple of the recipes and they were delicious!” She also enjoyed the before and after pictures in the book, and thought that they were encouraging and inspirational.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The Lean Body Promise seems very able to help you lose quite a bit of weight if you follow the program faithfully. The combination of dietary advice and exercise can really make a difference and help anyone reach their fitness goal. In fact, Charles Prosper found that he could fit into the same size jeans he wore when he was 30, and he is now double that age. Charles lost a whopping 39 pounds using The Lean Body Promise.

Pros and Cons


  • The Lean Body Promise contains delicious recipes that will help you manage your weight better.
  • The exercises outlined in the book will build body strength, give a cardio workout, and assist with weight loss.
  • The book is easy to read and has before and after photos to help with motivation.
  • The workouts change from cv to strength on alternate days.
  • Two ‘cheat’ meals are allowed per week to give you something extra to look forward to.


  • Some did not like the jokes that are interspersed in the book, and one reader from Australia thought the tone of the book was too ‘American.’
  • A competitor thought the book was written by someone who did not have the proper credentials to write a diet and exercise book.

Problems and Complaints

Basically, there were only two complaints associated with The Lean Body Promise – one was that the book never arrived, and the other was by the above person who has also written a book dealing with weight loss and exercise. All-in-all, however, this book wasvery well received by those who bought it and used it in their fitness program.

Is The Lean Body Promise Better Than Other Diet/Fitness Plans?

In many ways, most people thought that The Lean Body Promise was a better book than even Body For Life. To begin with, there seemed not to be as much ‘emotional fluff’ in The Lean Body Promise as in the other book. Also, the fact that Lee accepts that there will be times when anyone can ‘fall off the dietary wagon’ and helps you overcome these moments was considered valuable. The fact that the menus included in the book also tasted good was a big plus.

How Does The Lean Body Promise Rate Overall?

This book seemed to be popular with everyone except for one person, who has written a competing weight loss and body building book. Other than that one negative review, everyone else seemed to love The Lean Body Promise, and found it effective and easy to follow. The Lean Body Promise received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Where Can I Buy and Read More Reviews for The Lean Body Promise?

The Lean Body Promise is available on Amazon where you can buy it at a great price. The book is available as a hardcover, paperback, audio edition, or as a CD. It is available from a number of vendors through Amazon, so you will never have to worry about it not being in stock. Read more reviews here.

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