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It is no secret that most diets fail. When you are trying to lose weight, switching to new foods might seem like a good idea, but it almost never works in the long run. A lot of the time, the foods are odd or expensive, or will totally eliminate a food group such as carbohydrates or animal protein.

And, let’s face it, a meal that might consist of a mound of lettuce with a little bran sprinkled on top is just not going to be sustainable. At some point, a cheeseburger or piece of chocolate cake will beckon, and another diet will be down the drain.

Realizing that overeating is not caused by the stomach, but by the mind, "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" will help you to understand why you have a weight problem and help you to overcome it. This program consists of 7 CDs that will help you to lose weight easily and permanently.

How Does "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" Work?

In the video below you can watch a description that is going through the way that "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" works. In this video Damien Young himself explains how this new weight loss system is a process that targets and then alters the cause of all the weight issues which is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what drives 90% of a person's behavior on a daily basis.

Damien Young guides you through a series of exercises that will help you to leave your old bad eating habits behind. "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" does not require you to diet or exercise, but rather trains you to use the power of your own mind for your benefit.

It helps you to understand why you have unhealthy eating habits, and enables you to develop a normal attitude towards food. No one should feel that eating makes them feel better about themselves, this is what causes obesity, and is just one of the problems Damien discusses.

What Are Others Saying - Does "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" Really Deliver?

There is no doubt in the mind of R. Angiuoli that Damien Young has developed a great program and she says, “I am down 47lbs, and have done it without dieting, and without exercising. I eat everything I used to eat, just less of it.” Previously, this person had focused their thoughts on food and their body image, but "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" has help overcome this, with the result that food is no longer an obsession.

Maria R. feels that "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" has basically saved her life. This woman tried over 20 different diets, to no effect, and it wasn’t until she started listening to these CDs that she was able to turn her life around. Simply by applying the lessons Damien supplies, she says that “I have lost 33lbs so far, and it's been so easy.

We should eat to live, not live to eat, and this is something that Tony C has learned from listening to "The Instinctive Weight Loss System". Rather than eating all the time, this gentleman now only eats when he is hungry, and has stopped cleaning his plate just because food is on it. The result of this is that Tony states, “I have lost over 20 pounds so far. I have not dieted. I have not exercised. I have not been hungry.”

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

The amount of weight that you can use by instituting "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" into your life can be truly astounding. Some people have reported weight loss of 2 pounds a week, and some have lost 32 pounds in just over 60 days, and one woman lost an astounding 75 pounds.

You will also find that in addition to providing a guide for your weight loss, you will not need to buy any fancy foods or even exercise.

Pros and Cons


  • "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" will help you to understand why you are overeating and how to overcome this.
  • No exotic foods or diets are required.
  • You need not exercise if you don’t want to.


  • There seem to be no cons associated with these CDs.

Problems and Complaints

Everyone who used "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" appeared to be very pleased with it and there were no real complaints. One person mentioned that the entire program is somewhat long, but with the great results they have been achieving, they would gladly listen to CDs that would be more than double the length.

Why Can "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" Work Better Than Dieting?

"The Instinctive Weight Loss System" seems to work much better than dieting because dieting alone does not address the reason that you are overeating in the first place. Few people gorge themselves with food because they are happy, they are generally trying to find some satisfaction and relief from anxiety.

Additionally, many diets require that the user eat unappetizing, expensive, or hard to find food. While an initial weight loss will often occur, it is often impossible to stick with the diet for any length of time.

How Does "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" Rate Overall?

Judging by the fact that "The Instinctive Weight Loss System" received 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it would seem that it has been shown to be effective. Those who reviewed the CDs credited them with helping with outlook and attitude, and enabled people to lose weight easily and quickly.

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